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unknown angelIt was unarguably a groovy outing and a night of bacchanalian revelry; the dance floor was abruptly turned into something else. Obviously, everyone within the hotel hall was extremely excited and motivated owing to the availability of edible varieties which included assorted wines, snacks, meals, and what have you, coupled with the exotic hip-hop jams being played by the Disc Jockey.
Different groups comprising males and females were variously seriously dancing with bottles of wine in their hands at strategic locations in the magnificent hall. It was undoubtedly a high-quality variety disco night made up of classic men and ladies in psychedelic wears and moods that even a blind man could see for himself. On his part, the celebrant,
Chibuike – a high class bachelor who was gladly catching his fun with his friends and kin was marking his thirty-sixth (36th) birthday, as usual; being a promiscuous dude, he was dancing with the lady he had chose to spend the remarkable day with, at one of the corners in the hall.
The epoch-making event was taking place at one of the classic hotels situated in the city of Owerri the capital territory of Imo State, Nigeria where Chibuike and most of the invitees were resident in.
“So,” Chima who was seemingly tipsy said. “Who invited you to the show?” Chima who was an old time friend to Chibuike was one of the highly respected invitees in the occasion. He was ardently catching his fun with one of the female invitees, Ogechi; both of them whom were apparently drunk were passionately dancing to the tune of the unending music with bottles of red wine in their hands likewise others present at the arena.
The most intriguing and unfortunate aspect of it was that Chima who was a prosperous banker residing in Owerri quit bachelorhood barely few weeks back and had successfully wedded in the church; more interestingly, he rounded off his 4-week honeymoon with his lovely wife the previous day.
Needless to say that his lifestyle wasn’t unlike that of the event host, Chibuike who was yet to settle down in spite of the overflowing wealth he was making in his importation business; to say the least, Chima, 35, managed to tie the knot due to the persistent importunate behaviour he received from his parents whom were also based in Owerri. As the saying goes, ‘birds of a feather flock together.’
Chima had lied to his newly-wedded wife, Nnenna that he was sent by his employer to Lagos State on an errand, which would last for two days. “Nkiru,” Ogechi responded, referring to who invited her to the event. “Chibuike’s babe.”She added.
Nkiru was the lady who was rocking the night with the celebrant; the celebrant as well as the host had earlier urged her (Nkiru) to endeavour to attend the party with most of her friends, and Ogechi happened to be one of the lucky ones who accompanied her.
Ogechi, a so-called final year student on one of the campuses in the state was clad in a tight and sparingly transparent blue mini-skirt, sleeveless and sexy pink top that was partially displaying her white bra and black high heel shoes; her crazy dress was obviously showcasing her large boobs as well as shocking hip and butt. She was chocolate, plump and about five feet tall. Whilst, Chima a lightskinned, about 5.4 feet tall and slim dude was putting on black jean trousers, blue T-shirt, white trainers and a white baseball cap. “I must confess,” Chima rode on. “You’re really looking hot.” He applauded. “Really?” “Sure.” “Thank you.” She appreciated cheerfully.
Stylishly straight out her left hand to his head and changed the position of his cap so that its bill would face his back rather than his front; this was to enable her see his handsome face elaborately. At this time, Chima’s cucumber had aroused that he almost ejaculated in his boxers that was already feeling the unavoidable intense heat and vibration.
Ogechi being a naughty lady observed the abrupt change of mood written all over him as she expected, and smiled. “Why the smile?” He enquired, still dancing enthusiastically.
“Nothing,” she replied. “Just admiring your dance style.” “Really?” “Yea.” In a few seconds, they dropped the bottles of wine in their respective hands on the dance floor and within a twinkle of an eye, they found themselves in one of the hotel rooms that was made available for him (Chima) by the host; before you could know it, both parties whom were already on the bed became starkly in the nude. Chima’s attempt to grab the packet of condom, which he kept in one of the front pockets on his trousers that was already lying on the tiled floor, was aborted by Ogechi who pleaded with him to tango with her without any protective device stating that she enjoyed it when it was ‘skin to skin’.
Chima whose sensation was obviously getting out of hand took heed of the plea and blindly headed for the long awaited marathon race, which ushered him into a different world both therein and thereafter.
Fifteen minutes later, they became saturated. Chima who was lying helplessly in the bed appeared like one who just finished ascending mountain Kilimanjaro.
So pathetic; she had just deliberately infected him with Human Immunodefiency Virus (HIV). Funnily enough, Ogechi was actually HIV positive; since three months back she confirmed that she was living with the virus after several diagnoses conducted in various medical laboratories, she had vowed to infect as many men as possible with the deadly disease, and Chima happened to be her fifth victim.
The following day being Thursday June 16, 2011 at 6:20 in the evening, Chima who was a HIV carrier, albeit ignorantly, arrived his matrimonial home that was at the moment made up of only him and his darling spouse, Nnenna who couldn’t wait for his arrival. Ironically, Nnenna – a very pretty looking and brilliant damsel at 24 who just graduated from the Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO), got married to Chima as a virgin.
Before she walked down the aisle with the unknown angel whom she ran into barely few months back when she went to deposit money in the bank where he worked, she vowed that she would never be defiled by any man out of wedlock; and as God would have it, she passionately and firmly stuck to her faith until after her wedding day unknowingly to her that the vigorous labour would end up in vain.
Two months later,Nnenna took in; an awaited moment that brought a totally different phase in their matrimony. Based on the tradition or the routine attached to ante-natal period, in her fourth week of pregnancy, she was diagnosed of all kinds of illnesses and infections with a view to ascertaining her overall health status and capacity and unfortunately and shockingly it was discovered that she was HIV positive.
Afterwards, she wasn’t told of the unimaginable discovery, rather the doctor requested for her husband’s presence so he could break the news to him. On the contrary, she thought the invitation was to sensitize her husband on how he was meant to take care of her. When Chima arrived at the hospital, he was enjoined by the doctor to check his HIV status and he complied though after series of interrogations and enquiries from him (Chima) which were diplomatically attended to by the doctor. Consequently, it was learnt that he was also living with the virus; all these were happening in his wife’s absence.
The doctor used the opportunity to disclose to him that his wife was as well HIV positive; he made him understood that that was what prompted the sudden invitation.
Chima who was devastated and dumbfounded over the incident needed not an interpreter to inform him that the unforeseen and unthinkable medical results were as a result of his uncontrollable randy nature, thus he felt like hanging himself; what pained his person most was that he had deceived an innocent woman whom could be best be described as a god-sent. Thereafter when he got home, he broke the breaking news to his poor wife who fainted the moment she fully absorbed it (the news); consequently, she had miscarriage owing to the ordeal. Notwithstanding, it would interest you to note that currently the couple in question is living happily and healthily with the infection; Chima has completely turned a new leaf.
The marriage is at the moment blessed with three kids – a male and two females, and none of the children contracted the virus. (Culled from New Telegraph).


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