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Etido Inyang (2)
Commissioner for Special Duties, Engr. Etido Inyang, says the focus of the Udom Emmanuel-led administration is on youth development and empowerment. These were some of his views when Ibom Telegraph met with him at the 2016 International Youth Day organized by the Office of the Supervisor for Youth and Sports, Ikot Ekpene Local Government Council. Excerpts:

As we commemorate the 2016 International Youth Day, do you see any hope of future leaders in the Akwa Ibom youth, especially in a country where we have a 72-year old man as President?

Yes, I see a bright future for the Akwa Ibom youth. It is true we have a 72-year old man as President but he is not working alone. He has erudite Governors working with him and one of the outstanding amongst the Governors is Udom Emmanuel. Of course, recently he heard a one-on-one meeting with Mr. President and it is out of these discussions and constant meetings that the Governor will be able to give him useful ideas for us to thrive as a country. Beyond that, Governor Udom Emmanuel is not waiting for Nigeria to explode in terms of unemployment. He has taken that challenge in Akwa Ibom State and you will agree with me that the 5-Point Agenda of his administration is all-encompassed into the youth, women and elders. But mostly, the focus is on the youth, because a greater part of those affected by unemployment are the youth and once this is arrested, a vibrant economy into the country through Akwa Ibom State is assured. So, there is hope for the Akwa Ibom youth.

Presently, we are doing a nucleus test on agriculture in Akwa Ibom State and if we have all the nucleus of industrialization in the state, we will be able to feed Nigeria and that is the whole concept. So, in the next four years Governor Udom Emmanuel’s administration, Nigeria will definitely be moving into the theme of this year’s International Youth Day that says “Road to 2030: Eradicating Poverty and Achieving Sustainability” and through youth empowerment, we will ensure that we achieve a lot.

Do you think youths of Akwa Ibom State have been fully harnessed towards achieving this goal?

A decay that has been there for so long a time will also take time to get out. The last administration tried and currently, there is a focus, telling the youth Dakkada. It is a philosophy that is now inbuilt in the youth. So, the populace are beginning to have a change of mindset rather than waiting for Government to give them ‘landing fees’; they are now thinking of what they can do as individual and as a group or cooperative. The Udom Emmanuel-led Government is giving youth of Akwa Ibom State milestones and opportunities to take up the challenge.

A couple of days from today, the PDP will be having another National Convention and its impending crisis seemed unending, do you see any end in sight?

The only party now is PDP and so whatever has happened, even in the other party; they are here today because of some imbalances. In PDP today, all of this stress is going to filter out what has been causing problems in the party. And once we have a viable PDP; we will be able to win any contest in the future. I am very happy, there is a committee that is heading the convention and I know it is going to be a successful convention.

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  1. seriously, given the number of youths from one out of the 31 l.g.a’s of the state on rampage leaves me with the thinking that govt. shld open talk with the big boys and girls in order to contain eye -sour and avert the social problems.

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