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By Nsidibe Akpan

Popularly Master of Ceremony, Akparawa Anietie Okon also known as MC Ntokrok will on Monday, December 30, 2019 host the first-ever local event tagged ‘Mbre Offiong’.

The event which is aimed at revamping Akwa Ibom rich cultural heritage and keep the younger generation abreast with the ways of life of their fathers will take place at the Ultra Modern Plaza (Roundabout), Mbiatok Itam, Itu Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State by 4pm.

It is also on record that MC Ntokrok, out of love and appreciation to the community that raised him to who he is today, in 2018 constructed the ultra-modern plaza to celebrate his birth anniversary.

Speaking with this reporter, MC Ntokrok explained his passion for the culture of the people which is fast fading away in this day and age among our children.

He reiterates his commitment to creating awareness of how a typical Akwa Ibom child should look like, know and grow with.

“I am very passionate about the rich cultural heritage of our state. It should be preserved no matter the cost.

“This digital age has taken away all the funs we used to enjoy as children. Our kids do not know what is called ‘mbre offiong’, they don’t know “ekpa ekpang’, they don’t know ‘udibe’. All the stories we were told in the past are no more because no one is telling them to the younger generation.

“This is why I said to myself, the yearly event “My People Must Laugh” hosted by myself in the last two years must take a new dimension. It is still going to be the same programme but in a very different way.

“I am not satisfied with just making my people laugh, they must also learn. Our children must have a feel of the nostalgia we felt. They must learn to bond, understand what togetherness means and share in the joy of brotherhood,” he concluded.

The event will bring together top entertainers in Akwa Ibom State, political class, youths, women and children.

The talented MC Ntokrok is the publisher of “Arise, Let’s Know You”, the host of MC Ntokrok Soccer Tournament and a traditional balladist. He has produced a music album titled “Every Embarrassment Must Stop” and many others.

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