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By Juliet Ebirim & Aderonke Adeyeri

A woman’s appetite can be nearly inexhaustible —Cecil Williams, Lawyer
Women have greater sexual strength than men, but it’s very difficult for some men to accept this premise. Men see themselves as bigger, stronger and physically superior to women. If she is properly aroused, a woman’s sexual appetite can be nearly inexhaustible. Sexual strength is being able to generate and contain sexual excitement without terminating the orgasmic flow and losing energy.

A woman has greater sexual strength —Blessing Solomon, Corp member

A woman is stronger. If she has got no strength, she won’t be able to last long. Women are stronger —Anonymous

My take is that women are stronger than men. Women can regain their strength immediately after sex, while it takes about 30 – 50 minutes for men to get their strength back. During sex, women can stay as long as the man can go although some women are lazy and are yet to discover the strength they possess. The fact that most times men are the initiator doesn’t mean they are stronger.

Men do a greater percentage of the job —Leonard Chukwuma, Businessman

From a sentimental perspective, the woman is stronger in bed because they possess the endless thing that no man can permanently fill. But looking at it from another angle, it is obvious that men do a greater percentage of the job and so are stronger. The skills, strength and intelligence needed for excellent bed games are mostly of the man.

Men are stronger, but… —Olusi Gbolahan, I.T Expert


A man is stronger, but a woman lasts longer. Women generally do not lose energy through sex.

An average woman can have 3-4 bouts of sex—Anonymous

Generally, it’s women. That’s not to say there are no weak women.

An average woman can go 3-4 bouts.

Besides, she takes longer to climax. Immediately after that, depending on the woman and how the man performs, she may get up and prepare him a meal. The man, at this stage is worn out, resting or already sleeping.

Women are at the receiving end – Bunmi Ajayi, Corp member

A woman is stronger because she is at the receiving end.

Men have higher libido — Emmanuel Asuquo, Writer and Educationist

It’s an error to think or say that women are sexually stronger than men. Medical researchers have proven that men are sexually active and stronger than women. A case where a woman is perceived stronger than the man, then there is a problem in the family. Men think more about sex than women and they have the strength to be involved in multiple sex life. Men seek sex more avidly than women, herein lies the power. Women’s sex drives are more influenced by social and cultural factors unlike the men.

Women enjoy the act more —Gabriel Ajisafe, trader

Women are stronger in bed than most men. This is because women are at the receiving end but men are the donors. A woman can stand two men at a go but this is not possible for a man. Also, women tend to enjoy the act more.


Physical dominance isn’t the criteria for evaluating sexual strength —Kolajo Adedolapo,

Sexual strength depends on the individuals involved. Physical dominance isn’t the criteria for evaluating sexual strength for those who believe men are stronger. Sexual strength is an area where women possess a clear advantage. A woman can sexually receive a man or men for as long as she pleases. Women do not have to attain and maintain an erection to have sex unlike men.

Men are the hunters – Blessing Joyce, customer care officer

From inception, men are stronger in bed than women. Men have always been the hunters and women, the prey.

It depends on certain factors —Adeniyi Adebanjo, Lecturer

It depends on the age and level of commitment to the sexual partner. Also the purpose of engaging in the act would also affect the performance of both parties. The purpose could be for fun, sport, love or making babies. Lastly, the state of mind at the time of sex is a determining factor. (Culled from Vanguard)

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