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FFFor quite sometimes, I have been keenly monitoring activities of Akwa Ibom State Lawmakers, in the aspect of Oversight, Lawmaking and Representative Functions. In the Fourth Assembly, I was opportune to watch a melodrama, which later led to the alleged forceful resignation of then Deputy Speaker, Hon. Uwem Udoma on the 23rd of December, 2007 and the subsequent elevation of Late Okon Uwah as the Deputy Speaker.

During the fifth assembly, I had witnessed where some Lawmakers led by Rt. Hon. Sam Ikon passed an outrageous Pension Bill, which was later ‘revoked’ and sent back to the assembly as a result of uproar by Akwa Ibom People in home and in Diaspora, who perceived such bill, as inhuman and barbaric. If such bill was passed into law, I just wonder how we would have cope especially in this dwindling economy. Sam Ikon didn’t think towards this direction, he was after his National Assembly ticket.

Still in that fifth assembly, I had witnessed, where a Speaker sacked five of his colleagues, without the consent of electorates, who voted them into power. I was privy to watch the passage of Child’s Right Act in the fifth assembly. I have witnessed a lot of good, bad and ugly side of Akwa Ibom State Legislators, which I may not deliberate here for want of space.

However, I have not witnessed, where a first timer advocates for compensation to be paid for people outside his constituency and Senatorial District.

I am yet to witness, where a legislator leaves his constituency and kick against the installation of a nuclear plant, which would have claimed lives in Itu Local Government Area, if such request by the Federal Government was given a nod.

I have not seen where a first term MP, goes extra miles to ensure that, he inculcates people outside his constituency, including the Igbo in his salary scheme.

I am yet to see, where a single lawmaker calls for due process in the Power Holding Company of Nigeria and ensured that, the PHCN boss, is summoned before the Legislators with a view of clearing air on why Akwa Ibomites didn’t have adequate power supply.

I don’t know if anyone has seen where a lawmaker, in conjunction, with his like mind, set aside Hundreds of Thousands from his salary, just to ensure that, Akwa United Football Club win the FA Cup.

All these benevolence occurred only in the sixth assembly, as the Deputy Chief Whip, Hon. Nse Essien took the bull by its horn and cross boundaries just to ensure that, he puts smiles on the faces of Nigerians.

In Legislative Arm of Government, it is extremely rare, if not impossible for a lawmaker, be it Federal or State to advocate for well being of people living outside his constituency and Senatorial District. Sometimes, it is seldom for such legislator to give money to someone outside his jurisdiction. I could recall a certain lawmaker in the fifth assembly who walked out a youth corps member, who needed financial assistant, insisting that, she was there for only her constituency.

However, for the past seven months, I have keenly watched the the legislative strides of this ONNA Born Deputy Chief Whip of the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly. His advocacies, area of interest and seal is uncommon to this part of law making Arm of Government.

Do you know that, it is not easy for a first term legislator to invade the domain of a second term member (Even when the latter is not dead) and moved a motion mandating the state government to compensate people affected in Road Construction? I had expected the Iwukem-Etim-Ekpo-Ika people to carry palm front and place on the road for this messiah to pass, as such gesture was unprecedented.

A careful look at the advocacies shows that, Nse Essien, fondly called Indomitable has no filial relationship in Iwukem/Etim Ekpo/ Ika, I doubt if he knows anybody from there, exception of Hon. Gabriel Toby, a second term MP, who hails from there. Yet, he did that, with a clean heart, devoid of pay-me-back-method.

As I was wondering why, someone should leave his Father, Mother, Siblings and wards and clinched unto a Senatorial District, he doesn’t know much about, my instinct told me that, names has a unique way of positively and negatively affecting the destiny, psychy and fate of an individual. Former President Goodluck Jonathan rose to the rank of leadership as a result of the name his parents bestowed on him.

To Nse Essien, semantically meaning, “Looking Beyond the immediate environment” his gestures is not limited to his environment alone.

In his constituency, this lad, within his two months in office had moved a motion for the construction of Ikot Akpatek Road, he had donated Brand new vehicle to one Udo Uyoatta, erected an ultramodern constituency office, employs about 150 Onna Indigenes as staff, with salary paid as at when due, as well as open a monthly financial scheme to 127 members to run throughout his stay in office.

He had proffered all measure to work towards the achievement of an effective health care delivery system in Onna Local Government Area as well as provide more health facility to compliment the only existing cottage hospital in the locality. The lawmaker is on the verge of sponsoring a bill on the floor of the house which would centre on an enactment of a legislation that would enhance the welfare of the youths in the state, including Onna natives.

The Immediate Past Speaker of the Assembly, Rt. Hon. Aniekan Uko had described him, as a square peg in a square hole. Onna Public Servant ably led by Pro ten Chairman, Magisterate Eduok Macauley during their visit had portrayed him as a man with a large heart. In his eyes, there is nothing like All Progressive Congress, Peoples’ Democratic Party or any other party. All he sees is Akwa Ibom people, nay Nigerians. Little wonder why, he has lured disgruntle elements in the state to the umbrella party. Within his stay in office, he has been bestowed with several awards from reputable organizations. He is presently, Fellow of Chartered Institute of Commerce. Imagine, a grammarian now a fellow of CIC, I guess such elevation is unprecedented.

Several things fasten me closer to the Deputy Chief Whip of the sixth assembly, Hon. Nse Essien. Three of such is truthfulness, straightforwardness and ability to solve peoples’ problem, even without the knowledge of the people involved. His words are his bond.

Indomitable, has erased the dubious mindset I used to have about politicians. He has shown to the world, that, politician can adheres to promise. “Except he doesn’t promise, if he does, just go and sleep, because he will definitely fulfill” That was the statement made by Ebong Umofia, an Onna native, the very first day Indomitable spoke at the Hallow Chamber.

I could reminisce how he ensured that, a fracas between two media correspondents in the assembly was solved amicably. I could recall how he nearly sacked his police securities for harassing a certain Journalist, when the latter wanted to have a brief with him.

Indomitable has quietly written his name in gold. Despite the volume of his rival, no one will deny the fact that, he is a jolly good fellow. He is part of the reasons, why some opposition camps are gradually invading the ruling PDP in the state. His name is such a legacy his generation will live to behold.

Proverbs 22:1 says that, “A good name is better than great riches (NIV)”. Indeed, Hon. Nse Essien, may not as rich as the Billionaires of this world, he may not own a good property, worth millions of Naira, but no one can deny the fact that, he has a good name, worthy of emulation.

When others are busy thinking of a rerun election in the state, Hon. Nse Essein is already canvassing for a second term of his brother, the governor of Akwa Ibom State. When others are busy blackmailing politicians so as to block them from joining PDP, Indomitable is busy opening his doors for all Akwa Ibomites.

You don’t need to blackmail someone in other to gain favour from this versatile legislator, you don’t need to come from Onna before he could touch your life, you don’t need to be sycophantic before he could put smiles on your face. Just send him a text, or call him, that alone will solve your problem. That is why I said that, Indomitable is not a Father Christmas, but a Good Samaritan.



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