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By Crown Prince Chris Abasi Eyo

Witchcraft, is as old as man. Since Adamic generation lost its divine essence in the Garden of Eden, the succeeding generations have made it a habit, to reconnect with the divine source which is made up of positive and negative terminals. This reconnection, has taken various dimensions and approaches. These approaches, maybe compressed into two. The first and the recommended approach, is mediator-ship, while the other is mediumship.


The positive and negative terminals in this magnetic field, otherwise called divinity, are both ends of the same polarity, and while the positive terminal, flows the constructive energy of God through mediators to manifest the glory of God in this phenomenal world, the negative terminal, conducts the waste energy of God, which Satan uses for destruction through mediums in this same world. Through this mediumship, witchcraft is found.


Witchcraft therefore, is a craft where humans who take to it, radiate negative energy to influence their environment selfishly, for personal aggrandizement and subsequent initiations into higher ranks in the covens. They are trained disciples in the craft of Satanism and are the agents of Satan. Nothing good can come from them, because they are mediums, who are turned into channels through which satanic energy passes through to cause havoc. And in so doing, their minds are ceased from them during the acts, and in some cases may regret soon afterwards the deeds must have been done. But this doesn’t stop them from being used another time, except they confess. And after confession, they cease to be admitted in covens.


Generally speaking, witchcraft, sorcery or black magic, as it is commonly called, may be defined as forceful development of any of the etheric or astral centres in man which are found below the diaphragm by any means either concrete or abstract. What this means is that, this power can be acquired through the practicing of certain spiritual exercises (abstract means) or by incisions on the body or by swallowing certain concoction (concrete means). The concrete process of acquiring this power, also include, secreting a fluid from the salivary gland, by an initiate, into food, for a none intimate to take. This is the commonest means of initiating innocent persons, especially children into this cult.


This later process, the concrete, is the main source by which witchcraft power is acquired in Africa, including our immediate environment. Through this process, the etheric particles of the incisions or of the swallowed substances congregate to rupture the solar plexus, which in turn radiates negative energy called witchcraft. In summary, witchcraft means the uncontrollable radiation of spiritual energy, just like water pouring out of a broken tap uncontrollably. Therefore, witchcraft as practiced in Africa is defined as artificial development of the solar plexus. Solar plexus is the etheric region around the navel (umbilicus), where the umbilical cord springs from. That is the centre of witchcraft in man. Witchcraft can be gotten rid of through a process called exorcism or deliverance in church parlance. This is because the body of man, is concretized energy of God or the temple of God, and God can do to His temple, whatever He likes.


Witchcraft is a selfish craft. The natural instinct pushes for self aggrandizement towards promotion in the coven. It operates mostly through fear and superstition. They have rules and orders as well as hierarchies. The more havoc a witch commits, the higher the rise in ranks and the higher the value of possessions destroyed or quality of the victims attacked the more substantial the position elevated to in the coven. This is why a witch goes for his or her best child or children as ransoms for their various stages of initiations. Once they’re under witchcraft unction, the very persons or valuables they treasure so much in real life, become their enemies in the astral world. This is because their minds and hearts, which would have retained the consciousness of the values attached to those things or persons they want to destroy, are naturally absent whenever any centre below the diaphragm, becomes the vehicle for spiritual operations. This is why certain so called prophets and healers, who operate under this influence, operate on a cash and carry basis or as businesses.


Witchcraft is not peculiar to Africa, though it is mostly practiced in Africa in its crude, rudimentary stage. While in other climes, it has evolved into funs and entertainment with public centres for meetings and research. In the medieval Europe, witchcraft was a real menace and albatross as it is today in Africa. In some littoral Africa, witchcraft was brought to them by Europeans. The people of the Lower Cross River Basin, claim that they were introduced to witchcraft by Portuguese traders, being the first Europeans to have arrived their shores. From this awareness, they were able to develop indigenous types of witchcraft.


There are several forms of witchcraft. Inherent cultures, determine what type of witchcraft a people practice. For example, witchcraft as practiced in OKOPUSEM enclave is different from what is practiced in Iboland. While OKOPUSEM witchcraft kills or impoverishes its victims, the Ibo indigenous witchcraft, inflicts pains, by carrying its victim out of the bed at night, via magical powers, cuts the body with nail-like object and may leave the person outside to wake up and realize himself there. There, they see witchcraft as an authority to stop the insults of the young from growing unchecked. The Aro District which shares common boundary with OKOPUSEM and Afigbo people who traded with our people along the coasts, are the exceptions in Iboland, for their type of witchcraft is akin to the type practiced in the Cross River Basin. In Hausa land, their witchcraft appears most developed, as they are good in clairvoyance and foretelling the future.


During a research on this topic in 1994, for my radio programme ‘CHECK IT’ while in the Akwa Ibom Broadcasting Corporation – AKBC, I encountered an initiate of witchcraft, a retired Head Master of school, who informed me that, in the coven, when a human victim is magically turned into an animal, and is shared as a meat, every member, gets not more than a lump of meat. That you may wish to preserve your meat, which can never go sour, which you can present when asked to bring a family member as a victim when it is your turn to do so. Upon such presentation, you won’t be duty-bound to take your turn, as you didn’t eat theirs. Also, from Issangele (Usakedet) in Cameroons, I got to know that untilł recently, elderly people who died, had their bellies disembowelled to find out how many lumps of meat would be found. From them, it is known that the amount of lumps found, determine how many human animals the person partook in eating, as according to them, a certain fraction of human meat from the coven, remains undigested in the stomach. This was to determine where the person was to be buried, within the village square or in the evil forest for the wickets.


However, Europe, citing Micah 5:12, Exodus 22:18, etc., began the promulgation of anti witchcraft legislations where about a million suspected and confessed witches and wizards were killed between 1450-1750. It was not until the late 18th century, that the whole of Europe ceased to make witchcraft punishable by law. There are still a few other parts of the world where witchcraft remains punishable by law. Be that as it may, witchcraft as a subjective state, cannot be conquered through legislation, but by fearlessness, faith in God, purity of thoughts by the majority of people of a given environment, etc. With this, witchcraft will loose its powers in Africa as it is in Europe or elsewhere.


Speaking in specific terms, the thought of evil or black-heartedness, is a form of witchcraft. Witchcraft thrives mostly in an atmosphere where it’s thought form is coloured with pettiness, jealousies, fearfulness, etc. The reverse of these in our thoughts, is primarily the way out to defeat this evil which is one of the albatrosses of Africa’s development. Next to this, is bad leadership in Africa. Our beloved continent, has lost so much to these two evils, and as we all know, evil constitutes darkness. In the beginning, when darkness deluged the earth, The Creator, started by saying “Let there be light.” And there was light. Therefore, if we are desirous of becoming a cynosure of development, resplendent beauty and preferred destinations for tourists and investors, as it is elsewhere, let us LIGHT UP AFRICA, in both abstract and concrete terms. But in the final analysis, we must trust in God. The backsliding Europe and America, trusted in Him, and they prospered.




Brother of mine, the World is not gallivanting on an unmapped route. There is a divine design, because THE REX LUX, watches over the affairs of man. This is a fact in nature, which I know, that you also know.




Crown Prince Abasi Eyo, former Akwa Ibom State Commissioner for Information, writes from Uyo.


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