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True story:
To tell the truth, the unfortunate day I discovered that my wife was cheating, I wasn’t prepared for it. In fact, I had not suspected her once since we got married five years ago. I mean I TRIED to satisfy her as a man the best way I can, the sex wasn’t bad (at least not to me…I ASSUMED); although I was battling with some SEXUAL ISSUES, however, she always told me that there was no problem that she loves me regardless of my sexual weaknesses. She promised me that we were going to find a solution to it together.
I am an author and a successful one at that. The day my entire world crumbled before my eyes was the day I came back home 5 hours earlier than normal because I forgot a very important office document.
To my dismay and utter betrayal, I saw my beloved and ‘faithful’ wife being banged and spread wide from side to side by another man who seemed to be in total control of the game. My wife was screaming, moaning, and enjoying herself in ways I had never seen her before.
Suddenly, warm tears involuntarily started to drop down my cheek because she was not just the mother of my little children, but she was also my lover and best friend (at least that was what I thought). They were totally into each other, very oblivious of my presence in the room. I sat by the corner of the room almost losing my breath like an asthmatic patient.
My first impulse was to pick a knife off the kitchen cabinet. I almost did. If I had done that, chances was that I would have committed murder that day and my entire family and bright career would have been brought to shambles.
I decided to kill that thought of murder, and at least see the face of the person who is rough handling my wife. Then I saw his face, it wasn’t my boss, or neighbour, or best friend. It was hers. The guy who had always been there. They were very close friends before I met her. They were still friends even while we dated. When we were getting married, she asked me to make him one of my groomsmen. They had been friends ever since. At first I was uncomfortable with how close they were. However, she told me he was like a brother to her. Then he got a girlfriend, who he eventually married and I never saw him in that light again – a threat. Until that unfortunate moment of course, when stark reality stared me in the face like a one-eyed monster…ALL BECAUSE I HAD A SEXUAL PROBLEM AND DIDN’T FIX IT IN TIME; AND SHE ALWAYS TOLD ME NOT TO WORRY TOO MUCH THAT SHE UNDERSTANDS. It was at that moment that the eternal words from my grandmother resounded in my head: Alatise lo mo atise arare (meaning, it is only you who can fix your own problems not someone else.)(Culled from DailyPost)

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