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The security picture of the nation took yet a darker turning with the reported killing of Dr. Chike Akunyili, husband of late Prof Dora Akunyili, a former NAFDAC Boss and Federal Information Minister; by yet to be identified gunmen. The Saraki Support Group, SSG, Spokesperson, Mr. Ed-Malik Abdul said in the statement released to Media, that, “our Principal, Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki and the entire support group condemn this barbaric act and also, condole with the other victims and the entire Ndigbo people.

Though the details of the incident are still sketchy, it was however, learnt that the late Dr. Chike Akunyili was killed in an ambush attack by unknown gunmen while returning from an event by the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Onitsha Branch to honour his late wife, Dora. At the event, the deceased had spoken glowingly of her late wife not knowing the poetic note that will ring out a few hours later.

The SSG statement said the current security situation is not to be treated with kids gloves as Nigerians now live in fear, no matter they are. The Spokesperson recalled an earlier Press Release where the SSG had called on the government and security agencies to confront the pervading insecurity in the country with unbiased boldness which a Saraki Presidency will surely evince with unmitigated and deliberate approach that will usher in a safer Nigeria.

According to the SSG Spokesperson, Mr. Ed-Malik, this incident of Dr. Chike’s murder is another grim number in the statistics of avoidable deaths if only the security agencies would rise to the challenge with professional dexterity based on real-time intelligence prognosis. He said, while we appreciate the security and intelligence community for their efforts under the prevailing operational limits which they try to keep the nation safe, we aver that a different leadership quotient and content under a Saraki presidency would precipitate a new burst of morale which is precursory to reawakening the positive soul of our security agencies to protect our country.

Like we said before, Dr. Bukola Saraki, being a former Governor and later the President of the Senate; is well apprised of the contextual issues that give rise to insecurity and like all well-meaning Nigerians, he is worried by the steady ascendancy of criminal activities as manifested by the daily reports of kidnappings, banditry, highway robbery, ethnic intolerance and other crimes which could be significantly reduced by an unabashedly bold leadership which his presidency will offer Nigeria and Nigerians.

Continuing, the SSG spokesman said that, Dr. Saraki understands that insecurity shortcomings must be seen and addressed above and beyond ethnic profiling of any kind while realizing that it is persons that commit crimes due to poor choices or mentoring and not an ethnic aggregation of people as a whole. This is why we make bold to say that a Saraki presidency will subscribe to a holistic overview of security challenges that acknowledges and identify with this reality and seek ways to resolve them on the basis of cause and effect, instead of resorting to primordial, narrow and centrist ideas of selfish politicians and people.

Importantly, Dr. Bukola Saraki condoles with the Akunyili family, the Anambra State Governor and the entire Igbo race, with a promise of a missionary commitment to reset, heal and grow Nigeria with unencumbered boldness that takes into account the inequities that gives rise to insecurity, the Statement concluded.

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