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A Pentecostal Prophet in Uyo has warned Nigerians on the impending outbreak of another killer disease in the country before the end of the year.

The founder and general overseer of The Knowledge of God Family Church of All Nations, a fast-growing spirit-filled Church, Behind Dakkada Secretariat, Uyo, Senior Prophet Victor Elijah Willie, aka Odudu (Power) One, in a midweek service in the Church, recently, said God told him to alert Nigerians on the impending calamity, which, he said, would be deadlier than COVID-19 pandemic of 2020.

The prophet, who is very popular and known for authentic prophesies, is said to have told his members and adherents at the service, that, they pick pens and papers and write the prophesy down, so that they would remember, saying it would not be long before Nigerians were treated, yet again to a deadly disease.

He disclosed that the disease would come in the form of “Skin rashes but will kill so many people, even faster than COVID-19,” adding that other symptoms of the disease would be “reddishness of the eyes like the popular ‘Apollo’ and excessive body heat.”

“God told me that between November and December this year; that is: in the next one to two months, a very small sickness will enter Nigeria that will kill so many people. Heat and catarrh will come. Apollo is coming again that will spoil peoples’ eyes; It comes from evil forces,” the Prophet said.

The prophet, who is renowned for authentic and undiluted prophesies told Nigerians to from henceforth always use Dettol in the bathing water as well as in sterilizing their rooms and surroundings.

Odudu One urged the government, spirited organizations and the media to embark on aggressive enlightenment campaigns on the disease as well as plan ways to ameliorate its spread.

Only early June, the prophet had prophesied that he had a revelation that between June and December this year, between five and 10 Nollywood stars would die in Nigeria.

As at this October, no fewer than nine Nollywood stars have kicked the buckets. They are: Don Brymo Uchegbu (June 15), Afeez Agoro (June 14), Cynthia Okereke (July 12), Sidikat Odukanwi (aka Iyabo Oko – June 29), Esther Nwachukwu (September 2), Pat Nebo (September 14), Hakeem Alamutu, aka Eba (September 18),   Charles Granville (September 21) and Pa Yemi Lawrence Adeyemi, aka Babs Suara (September 24)

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