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DDFormer Deputy Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Engr. Chris Ekpenyong, says Governor Udom Emmanuel should make the people the pivot of his policy.

Speaking to reporters at the venue of the Thanksgiving Service to mark Governor Emmanuel’s Supreme Court victory, the former deputy governor said it was only the people that will make him succeed as Governor.

“The people are a very important part of why God sustained Governor Udom’s divine mandate. He should, therefore face the people and make them the pivot of his administration’s policy”, he said.

“He should know that there is no industrialization without the people. He therefore needs to make sure the people are carried along in his industrialization drive”.

Ekpenyong said the Governor has started well by training youths but ‘he should go a step further by ensuring that the people are ready in other wises for the industrial revolution of his government.’

“One of the reasons Tinapa can be considered a failure is that the local economy was not ready and strong enough to feed it. We must make sure our local economy is strong enough to feed the industries coming. Our people should be top suppliers of every local content in the firms. We should have a deliberate policy to produce the top managers in these firms”. Ekpenyong said.

The former Deputy Governor said indigenous entrepreneurs should be assisted to lift their businesses to standard so that they can reap from the revolution.

‘I heard he is trying to create entrepreneurs amongst youths but he should know that there have always been youths in business. All they need is Assistance which the government must give’

Describing Governor Udom’s win a divine one, he called on indigenes of the state across every divide to support the Governor and wished him success in his tenure in office.

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