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Etido Inyang (3)

Nothing could best describe Engr. Etido Samuel Inyang, an alumnus of Harvard Business School and Akwa Ibom State Commissioner for Special Duties, as an indispensable tool for good governance.

Today, Engr. Inyang has become a script that many want to emulate, a man that rose to mount up wings like the unstoppable soar-away eagles to become a hero of his time leaving imperishable golden trial that have inspired a cloud of admirers in the search of their own pot of gold.

The same way the likes of Abraham Lincoln, Sir Isaac Newton; Helen Keller, Nnamdi Azikiwe, Chief Obafemi, Margaret Ekpo, M.K.O Abiola had to beat one odd or the other on their path to becoming legends, Engr Inyang did. His feats and exploits have engraved his name in gold.

It is these feats and exploits that resonate with the amazing story of the man of the moment, Engr. Inyang; former Special Adviser on Technical Matters; Member of the Board of Ibom Airport Development Company Limited; Director of Ibom Power Company; Head of the Technical Team on Finance and General Purposes Committee (FGPC); Head of State Project Monitoring Committee, and State Project Manager of Ibom Industrial City Project, whose love and commitment to service has brought fruits of joy to many across board and to humankind.

A distinguished civil engineer and manager per excellent, Engr. Inyang, born January 8, 1965, is from Ikot Ekpene, the raffia city of Akwa Ibom State. He has been severally described by many as a role model, a philanthropist, a competent, diligent and thorough bred professional and as one that possess uncommon managerial skills.

Engr. Inyang, through performance and impact, has built a dynamic career, following his employment by Schlumberger Oilfield Services in October 1989, where his capacity and skills were reinforced though various in-service training, one of which was at the Directional Drilling Engineering School in Houston, Texas, USA.
At Schlumberger, platform that gave him lots of exposure, enhanced professional skills, he worked for 18 years through the ranks as Project Manager, Directional Drilling Engineer, Field Services Manager, Technical Manager, Location Manager, Quality, Health, Safety Environment and Risk Manager, Nigerian Content Development Manager and as a Director.
Little wonder his brilliant performance shot him higher and distinguished him an asset that could not be spared in the drive to develop Akwa Ibom State and today, he is an indispensable tool in good governance. His decision to voluntarily resign from the services of Schlumberger in 2007 following the invitation of the then Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Chief Godswill Akpabio, to join the service on the State Executive Council is worthwhile.
Form the very day he took the oath of office to serve Akwa Ibom State till date, successful, qualitative and timely delivery of projects have distinguished him all the way, a prove that his 18 years’ wealth of experience with Schlumberger is worth the time, investment and energy.
This is what Daily Independent newspaper wrote of this Akwa Ibom quintessential manager: “His ability to work with and through different foreign companies handling projects in the state and successfully earning their cooperation and loyalty speaks of his managerial skills. No wonder the Nigerian Institute of Management (Chartered), of which he is a Fellow, could say this of him: It is remarkable that your golden jubilee celebration is itself a reflection of a package of achievements, loyalty, benevolence and patriotism. We observe with due ecstasy that your achievements are powered by your uncommon managerial skills and competence, and this is what stands you out as a special achiever in public service.”
Other eulogies of Engr. Inyang include that of a Spanish expatriate involved in the construction of the 20th Anniversary Hospital Project in Uyo said, “We appreciate your in-depth technical appraisals, advice and knowledge in project management, most especially on one of this magnitude and specialty.” Nigerpet Structures Limited remarked: “having worked with you for the past five and a half years, we are proud to celebrate with you on your 50th anniversary. May you always have as much strength and determination to showcase your expertise and, more importantly, inspire others to do same.”
His professional body, the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE), also summed it with “We all, your sisters and brothers in NSE, are extremely proud of you, as a worthy ambassador, you have strongly justified the honour of the Fellowship our society bestowed on you in all ramifications. The sound advice has dove-tailed into what is globally referred to as uncommon transformation. The detailed technical supervision provided by the team of expats from the Bureau of Technical Matters under your able leadership has reflected positively in the numerous, viable, life-touching quality in design and construction of engineering infrastructure development across the length and breadth of the state.”
Engr. Inyang is happily married to Mrs. Nse Etido Inyang and has four children – Ndifreke, Uduak, Etieka and Ubong. A man of many parts and a man for all seasons, Engr. Inyang, a Fellow of Nigeria Institute Management (Chartered), is the pioneer President of Ati Annang.

Engr. Inyang believes deep from his heart that life is too short to be small or stingy in giving. He has continued to raise the bar in the areas of health; charity and philanthropy by reaching out to touch the hearts of the needy, enriching dreams and transforming destinies through diverse raft of intervention initiatives.

A smooth operator in this field of help to the needy in a world that is strangely afflicted by compassion fatigue, it is Engr. Inyang’s believe that if you make a great impact in helping to make others smile and find a lift in life, you do not need to make a great fuss about it. Just help quietly and go your way and the good Lord will reward you somehow, somewhere, some day.

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