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By Crown Prince Chris AbasEyo

Never ever worry if you are being rejected and scorned by relations, friends and those you misconstrued as your DESTINY helpers. If such ever happens, and you in question, ‘KNOW THYSELF’ in the selfsame context of the Hellenic maxim “Man know thyself – Nosce Ipsum”, then such must have been the case to indirectly too, lead you to your manifest destiny. Therefore, in every disappointing situation, you have to listen to the opposite side of the same situation. As Saint Augustine, avows “Hear the other side – Audi Partem Alteram.”

Do you know why this is so? This is because ‘REJECTION’, is analogous to ‘BIRTHING.’ When an embryo grows and reaches maturity, it begins to suffer REJECTION by the womb, and when labour sets in, that conception which exhilarated the gravid mother initially, becomes distasteful as she pushes, ejecting and rejecting the issue from her body. Notwithstanding this groaning birthing which may end in normal process or through Episiotomy or CS, a child will still be born without having his or her manifest destiny delayed. This is because, this phenomenal life, has its anchorages fastened to the wings of time as confirmed by the Biblical King Solomon in Ecclesiastes 3:1 “To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:”

Therefore, the Designers of Destinies of Man, know what time and where to bring in who and what to aid in midwifing your rebirth. In whichever way, a child will be born, a manifest destiny will have a rebirth in the sun, for whatever process is employed, is a step nigh a rebirth. And in congruence with this nature-based REJECTION through birth, experiential living, has taught that ‘REJECTION’, is man’s indirect way of saying ‘YOU ARE TOO MUCH TO BE HERE, OUR SPACE CAN’T CONTAIN YOU ANY LONGER’ while it remains God’s designed medium to announce to you ‘MY BELOVED CHILD’ , YOUR PROMOTION TO THE NEXT LEVEL, HAS COME, CROSSOVER.

Friend of mine, the World is not gallivanting on an unmapped route. There is a divine design, because THE REX LUX, watches over the affairs of man. This is a fact in nature, which I know, that you know………….ARE YOU STILL THERE?

There is a better way than this!

Crown Prince AbasiEyo, former Akwa Ibom State Commissioner for Information, writes from Uyo.

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