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Ever since I read a press release from the Akwa Ibom State APC and signed by the publicity secretary, Mr. Nkereuwem Enyongekere in reaction to a factual and insightful article I wrote titled: “MIKE IGINI AND HIS ONLY OFFENCE”, I’m seriously in doubt whether there is any existence of a political party known as APC in the State. This is because even a student in SS 3 class cannot even issue such statement because from the look of things, the press release is not worthy of a response. My article was a factual piece on the cause of their hatred and attack on Mike Igini, Akwa Ibom Resident Electoral Commissioner.

I must say without any equivocation that it is out of sheer incompetency of office and gross foolishness that the party leaves their duty and the issue at hand to attack my person.

The said press release is a vindication to all my claims that Akwa Ibom State APC is a dead party and this goes further to confirm that all my opinions against them are true.

Not only is the release shallow, but it is also filled with errors and body-stinging languages. If at all there is any sense of decorum in Akwa Ibom APC, Enyongkere should immediately be barred from holding such position. It is ridiculous to hand over the position of a Publicity Secretary to a man who neither knows how to write nor put up one correct sentence without missing spellings, and I dare him to prove me wrong if he has ever written any release, statement or letter on his own ever since he was appointed the Publicity Secretary without the help of one Edet Edet, an acclaimed Investigative Journalist who was sacked from his former place of work in Lagos.

I wonder how their press release has addressed the issue of compromise, attempt to bribe INEC REC and its officials, electoral violence, show of force and many fraudulent activities carried out by the sacked MD of NDDC Mr Nsima Ekere and the defeated senator of Ikot Ekpene senatorial district, Sen. Godswill Akpabio. Instead of trying to debunk the issue if there is any falsehood in it, the rotten party has shamelessly displayed their foolishness, ignorance and incompetence.

I’m still trying so hard to find the nexus between their vacuous, witless and empty-headed press release and my freedom of expression as a citizen of Nigeria, as well as my religious affiliation, and I come to the conclusion that Akwa Ibom State APC will still continue to suffer the shock of the outcome of the just concluded electionfat That for me to hold a position in church doesn’t in any way restraint me from making a public opinion.

Without jittering, I still stand on my position to say that Igini’s only offence, in all this, is that he stood tall to conduct all the elections which by different assessments, the elections were not that easy but they were the freest, fairest and credible elections ever conducted in the history of Akwa Ibom State. He provided an opportunity for Akwa Ibomites to exercise their civic responsibilities; he also rejected billions of naira, house gift in Dubai and other nice treatments from Nsima Ekere and Godswill Akpabio.

Whether Akwa Ibom APC likes it or not, the fact remains that they woefully lost the election because of uncontrolled arrogance and their loosed relationship with the center. They believed that they were controlling the center. They felt that they could intimidate anybody. They thought they could do anything. That was why they redeployed 7 commissioners of Police in a period of 3 weeks and changed other security chiefs in the State.

It is so pathetic that as a publicity secretary, who happens to be one of the custodians of information, he is expected to read wide and try to verify issues before bringing it on board, especially issues relating to The African church. Ofcourse this is their usual half-witted and fatuous style.

That brainless liar should have known that never a time was I excommunicated from the African church and there is no case of rape or seduction against me, therefore their imagination are lame, unfounded and false.

I dare the Akwa Ibom State APC to bring up evidence of any case that relates to my involvement in cultism, rape or excommunication from The African Church, it is unfortunate that despite their attempts to bribe the Archbishop of my church to suspend and they all failed because I never contravene any section of our church constitution.

I make bold to say that our church is not divided into any groups rather there were some pockets of misunderstanding that emanated from arguments about the tenure of the current primate Dr. Emmanuel Udofia. For clarification purpose, the matter is in court and would soon be resolved. I wonder why I am the cause of the disagreement as I have never made any false reportage against the Church.

Members of the APC should bury their faces in shame for having a person like Ini okopido as the chairman and Enyongekere as the publicity secretary. As daft as they appear to be, they cannot distinguish between truth and lie, and it is unfortunate that ever since APC came into Akwa Ibom, they have been sinking in the pit of lies. Their claim that I have a running case of cultism with the Police Headquarters, Ikot Akpan Abia, can be perfectly described as a story of a blind man trying to catch the wind.

I dare them to show credible evidence of such case as I can authoritatively declare that there is no such case.

Let APC in the state know that Akwa Ibom people are wise and that they are aware of all their antics and can never be deceived into believing anything from them since they have decided to sell their senses to the devil.

Although their press release has confirmed the credibility of the factual article on “MIKE IGINI AND HIS ONLY SIN”, I make bold to say that despite their intimidation and threat to my life, I’ll not sell or betray my conscience by keeping quiet.

The truth is always bitter, but it must be told if we must survive as a nation. If our children must have a future, we must always tell the truth, and this is my guiding principle.

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