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… As 17 Chapter Officers Move To Impeach Obong Moses Akpan

The leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party in Ikono Local Government Area has expressed dismay over the dictatorial conduct of its chapter Chairman, Chief Moses Akpan, noting that, if appropriate measure is not taken to curb his anarchicPDP approach to leadership, the party may be led to Golgotha.

In a strong worded petition sent to the Governor of the State, Mr. Udom Gabriel Emmanuel, the State Chairman of the party, Obong Paul Ekpo signed by the Deputy Chapter Chairman, Dr. David Akpan Ntuk on behalf of sixteen other chapter Executive of the party, the Party noted that, the recent Press Release published on some local tabloids (not Newslink Newspapers) was contrary to the constitution of the Party adding that the actions of the Chapter Chairman has caused disunity among members of the party in the chapter.

“We, the undersigned chapter officers of Ikono PDP have noted with dismay and worry the press release published on the pages of The Mail and Ink newspapers of Tuesday 27th September 2016 edition issued by Chief Moses Akpan, the Chapter Chairman of the People’s Democratic Party of Ikono L.G.A in which he on a personal capacity made totally unpatriotic, wild and unsustainable allegations against Ikono indigenes, political class and revered stakeholders.

“Section 6(1) of our dear party constitution clearly stipulates that, “The Party shall be a Democratic Organization”.

“It is quite unfortunate and unethical that the Chapter Chairman of the Party has forgotten his oath of office as contained in the Constitution of the party: not to make his personal interest to influence his official decision, that he shall discharge his duties faithfully and in accordance with the Constitution of the Party and always in the interest of the integrity, advancement, solidarity, well-being, and prosperity of the Party.

“The Chairman has now moved ahead to create disunity among the people of Ikono and our people at the upper level of governance which we celebrate and hold in high esteem.” The release reads in part.

Continuing, the Chapter Executive of the Party stressed that, the release made by Chief Moses Akpan was done in error as they were not consulted nor meeting held in that regards and wondered why he had to paint the members of the party in bad light in his Voyage to Lilliput.

“That Chief Moses Akpan, cannot unilaterally embark on making press statement or releases on behalf of the Party without the knowledge and due consent of the officers of the Party in Ikono as contained in the constitution of the party.

“That in paragraph 3 of his publication, members of the Party were painted in bad light by addressing them as “political jobbers who are bent on injecting bad bloods between our amiable Executive Governor and his predecessor, the Senate minority leader, both loved boundlessly.
It is irredeemably and unacceptable that the Chapter Chairman has decided to move away from a statesmanlike, patriotic and leadership position he adopted not long to play the role of igniting political strife, disunity and fear among indigenes and party faithful in pursuance of his personal political interest. We view this as sycophantic, praise singing and deliberate attempt to castigate the Party member.

“That according to section 16(2)(a) of the Party Constitution, one of the major functions of the Local Government Executive committee is to identify and resolve political, social and economic issues of concern to the local government area which none is being perceived but rather the unnecessary steering of water. Section 16(6) makes provisions for a meeting to be held and specifies a quorum in event that such matter has arisen which no executive meeting has been held and even addressing issues that was never in existence and that the chapter chairman has no capacity to talk for a body it has never met with since its inauguration.

“It is of great dismay that the Chapter Chairman of the Party, Chief Moses Akpan, a man holding a position of “trust” in paragraph 4 of his press release disparages the image of the Party. It is worthy of note that the Chairman, in paragraph 7 of his press release, quoted section 10 (1) (g) of the Party’s constitution which states that a Party member shall refrain from publishing or distributing any article which purports to be the view of any faction or tendency within the Party without due authorization.
“The following questions arises: Is the Chairman not a member of the Party? Has the Chairman not published without due authorization? Is the chairman not creating a faction?” The Chapter Executives maintained.

The leadership of the party however described the handing over note as presented in the said publication made by Chief Moses Akpan as fiction laced with myopic and infantile reasoning and urged members of the public to disregard such fairy tale.

“Chief Moses Akpan in paragraph 8 of his statement made mentioned of a non-existence handing over note from his predecessor Chief Etim Inyang and which is supposed to be a document of the Party which is never known to the executives. It is a fiction as any committee which the former chairman claimed to have been dissolved ought to have been done in the open which renders the purported handing over note suspicious, ridiculous, myopic and unacceptable.

“We therefore urge our esteem stakeholders and general public to do away with such information as it is not known to the Ikono chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party. We crave the indulgence of the general public that; we acknowledge Chief Moses Akpan for his press release on behalf of himself, and not in his official capacity as a Party Chairman as this is not in conformity with his allegiance and has the tendency of drawing the Party backwards at the chapter level.”

The Party Executive threatened to pass a vote of no Confidence on the Chapter Chairman of the party, stressing that, his action contradicts the relevant sections of the constitution of the Peoples Democratic Party.

“Chief Moses Akpan has committed offences contrary all the sections of the of the Party that he cited in his press release.

“The situation becomes painful and pathetic given the fact that the Chapter Chairman has been committing similar and worse offences capable of causing him a vote of no confidence, but for the image of our dear Party. Besides, he often pleaded for forgiveness claiming lack of adequate knowledge of Party’s administration.

“Chief Akpan’s style of the leadership of the Party has become an embarrassment to the people of Ikono at the state level. We expect him to show a noticeable penitence and a positive change otherwise we shall be left with no other option than to apply the relevant section of our Party’s constitution against him to curb his excesses.” The statement postulates.

The Party however commended the Executive Governor and the Senate Minority Leader for giving members a sense of belonging and urged him to continue with his good works.

They also pleaded with the State Chairman of the Party, Obong Paul Ekpo to look inward and curb the excesses of the Chairman before he takes the party to a land of no return.

“We call on our amiable Executive Governor, His Excellency, Deacon Udom Emmanuel, our own dear son, Senator Godswill Akpabio and all our stakeholders / political class to continue in their service to the state and humanity at different levels under God’s grace.

“We invite the attention of the State Party Chairman, Obong Paul Ekpo and other state executives of the Party to curb the excesses of our party chapter chairman as we perceive a man with no leadership style in Chief Akpan and a power drunk leader that will be going viral in less than no time. We assure every concerned member of the public that Chief Moses Akpan will not make our dear Party his straws.

” We commend His Excellency, Deacon Udom Emmanuel for numerous strides he has done to the people of Ikono and also allowing us to serve as Chapter Executives of the Party. We reassure His Excellency, the Executive Governor that Ikono Chapter of our Party remains cordial, loyal and happy with his leadership prowess in the state.

“We celebrate with the Governor on the 29th Anniversary of our dear state, the one year Anniversary of Dakkadda and One Year Anniversary of the pet project (FEYREP) of Her Excellency, Deaconess Martha Udom Emmanuel.

“We pray that God give you the enablement to lead this state to a greater height.
Ikono PDP remains strong and infallible by the devises of any single individual.” The statement stated.

Meanwhile, in a telephone chat, the Chairman, Chief Moses Akpan has assured this reporter that, he will decamp to any other party despite being a legislative aide to the Senate minority leader.


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