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WHATS AKAN OKON LOOKING FOR – Commissioner, Governorship 2019, A Godfather

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By Oton Oton

People don’t know what they want in life. People are so blind to know what they really want and how to get it. People who by stroke of luck that have found themselves in the corridor of power and public offices have suddenly become reckless, power drunk, power brokers, enforcers and clearing houses.
We don’t think, Akan Okon has ever voted in any election apart from the last elections that brought in GOVERNOR Udom Emmanuel as Governor of Akwa Ibom State. We don’t think AKAN OKON has done politics before either for himself or another person in his village, ward or Local Government. Therefore, as far as politics is concerned in this state and beyond, he is misnomer and a misfit.
If not by the magnanimity of Senator Godswill Akpabio who appointed him a Commissioner in his second term in office, nobody would have heard of or know this stingy man in Akwa Ibom State. The question is, can Brother Akan Okon win election as a Councillor in his ward, or can Brother Akan Okon win election as a Town Crier in his village, can Akan Okon win election in the unfamiliar terrain like Ibiono and Itu Local Government. If yes, let him prepare to start his political ladder in the next chairmanship election rather than nursing a tall ambition and a fake dream that will swallow and destroy him on or before 2019.
Let us be sincere, one of the cardinal problems of this administration is the man and character occupying the office of the Commissioner of FINANCE. How accessible and generous the occupants of that office are, has so much to influence the support of the people to the Governor. If we check very well, the last occupier of that office was generous, accessible, a staker, a youth friendly person, a stabilizing factor in the last administration, though he misfired at the end. But he held forth in most times for Governor Godswill Akpabio. Mr Akan Okon, what are you doing for this government apart from pursuing your selfish and tall ambition. Time will tell.
What then is this so called AKAN OKON doing again, for Governor Udom Emmanuel apart from fraternizing with the agents of APC to sponsor petitions against Senator Godswill Akpabio.
There’s nothing hidden under the Sun, Hon Akan Okon releasing the official documents of the past administration to APC agents in order to persecute Senator Godswill Akpabio and caused unnecessary disaffection between Governor Udom Emmanuel and Senator Godswill Akpabio cannot in any way fly. Whatever must have been your intentions, Mr Akan Okon, you have failed and shall continue to fail. In case, you may not know, all your clandestine activities, secret meetings and evil plots have been blown open. We’ll soon pound on you.
May be, you think that getting Akpabio jailed will give you Governorship ticket is a blatant lie. If Obong Victor Attah did not send Obong Akpan Isemin to jail and Governor Godswill Akpabio did not send Obong Victor Attah to jail, your efforts to implicate and jail Senator Godswill Akpabio shall be in vain.
As a Commissioner since the days of Godswill Akpabio, how many lives have you touched or transformed. How many people have you influenced politically within and outside the state. Even in the banking industry, you came from. There are no traceable records of commitment to people’s welfare and growth. And you think, GOVERNORSHIP IS GARRI or MOIMOI.
As a Commissioner of FINANCE, what’s your economic blue-print for the government of Governor Udom Emmanuel? What have you done to bridge the gap between the government and the masses that you have completely shut them out of your life? What has been your contribution to where the state is today? You should better wake-up and face the realities of your weak and un-impactful governance and leadership rather than engaging in a non achievable venture of Governorship 2019. Even if it is zoned to your Federal Constituency which is not possible. What makes you think, you can beat others to pick the ticket.
Any further attempt to rubbish the integrity of Obong Godswill Akpabio shall not only be resisted but you shall be declared persona non grata. Without Godswill Akpabio, they wouldn’t have been a government that would have appointed you Commissioner of FINANCE. Bring the money of the state and empower people and stop engaging in useless and profit less exercises. There’s more to Governorship than what you think.
Nobody is against your inordinate ambition, but your anger, utterances and activities against Senator Godswill Akpabio, can fan embers of distrust, disunity and confusion in the admired relationship between the godfather and the son. Such actions are highly condemnable.
Which political structure are you busy putting up in the state and across the Local Government, is this structure for the second term of Governor Udom Emmanuel. Whereas there’s an existing and proven structure that made it possible for the emergence of Governor Udom Emmanuel and the structure is still intact till tomorrow.
You are the most ungrateful bigot in the political history of Akwa Ibom State as your unguarded actions are threatening the peaceful political boat in the state.
What’s really your grouse, hatred, anger and bitterness against the AKPABIO’s family and its legacy. If you don’t meet Senator Godswill Akpabio today, you’ll meet him morrow. All eyes on you.


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