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… Calls For Respect To Constituted Authorities

A conglomerate of all socio-political youth groups in Uruan Local Government Area, the Organized (PDP) Elders and Youths League (OEYL), has frown against “some narratives making the rounds and peddled by enemies of Uruan progress, who are seeking cheap political attention, that there is commotion in Uruan.”

The group, in a statement signed on Wednesday by its President and Secretary, Mr. Samuel Peter and Isaac Usen, sited one of such narratives as the banner headline of the Ink Portal Newspaper of Tuesday, October 10, 2023, Vol. 10, No. 328, captioned “Rumpus In Uruan.”

“Ordinarily, OEYL would have ignored the dispirited attempts by lily-hearted politicians in Uruan to fan the ember of disunity and disaffection in the area but for the purposes of clarity and the fact that the names of some of our highly placed senior citizens were mentioned, particularly the Senator representing the Akwa Ibom North-East Senatorial District, Senator Aniekan Bassey, whose leadership successfully led Uruan through a colourful electioneering campaigns and subsequent landslide victories for the PDP in the 2023 General Elections (State House of Assembly seat, House of Representatives seat, Senatorial seat, and Governorship). We cannot fold our arms and watch such leadership being antagonized by a few greedy and selfish-minded individuals who want to perpetually remain in government rather than give the younger generation a chance to governance,” the statement maintained.

According to the group, “The recent narratives of Uruan by both mainstream and online media platforms are not only false, misleading and mischievous but merely the figments of the imagination of the enemies of Uruan unity, harmony and progress. There has never been rumpus in Uruan and it will never be. We wish to advise those fanning the ember of disunity, using either the ranks of Councillor, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) or Ward Leader, to refrain from it and redirect their energy towards the development and progress of Uruan Local Government Area and its people.”

Stressing further, the group said “Uruan Local Government Area, nestled in the heart of Akwa Ibom State, has long been admired for its enduring cohesion and steadfast commitment to tranquility. We, the leaders and community members within Uruan, emphatically emphasize our unwavering dedication to preserving this harmony. We have seen, in recent times, attempts by some individuals to plant the seeds of disunity and discord within our close-knit community. We strongly condemn such actions and earnestly implore those involved to reconsider their conduct, desist from engaging in divisive activities, and accord due respect to the constituted authorities entrusted with the leadership and governance of our beloved locality.”

“Uruan Local Government Area has a rich history of peaceful coexistence among its residents, who have worked hand in hand to build a thriving community, where everyone’s voice is valued, and their rights are protected. We must reiterate that our true strength resides in our unity and shared commitment to progress. Bringing the names of our leaders to disrepute and exuding actions that seek to divide us only serve to hinder the advancement of our community and disrupt the lives of our fellow citizens.”

The group also said that “As a League of youth leaders and residents of Uruan, we solemnly affirm our continuous collaboration to ensure that our local government area maintains its status as a bastion of peace, development, and prosperity as enshrined in the A.RI.S.E Agenda of our dear State Governor, Pastor Umo Eno. We beseech all individuals to join us in this noble cause, upholding the principles of mutual respect for one another and for the constituted authorities.”

In conclusion, the statement said “We wish to state categorically that Uruan stands united, and stands for peace. Let it be known to the world that Uruan Local Government Area remains an unbreakable entity, a place of unity, and a beacon of hope for all.”

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