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By lmo Ben

To rewrite the story of Ikot Ekpene Senatorial District, known properly as Akwa Ibom North West senatorial district in golden colours like he once did as the representative of Abak Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives, National Assembly between 1999 and 2003, Hon. Akaninyene Eno Eyo has stepped out once again because of popular demand to contest for the senatorial district position. And, it is the verdict of right thinking electorates; he is preferred by every considered yardstick because his expected stewardship will quench the taste for effective representation.

Judging him by his acknowledged selfless and result-oriented leadership approach, it won’t be a baffling news to hear of another robust level of effective legislative representation and generous empowerment programmes beyond the imagination of many. Perhaps skeptics are those who were too young to know of what impression he created during his tenure in the National Assembly at a very young age of 30 years.

Though his impact went farther than Abak Federal Constituency then, this time he is going to make sure each of the 10 local government areas constituting the senatorial district he seeks to represent, is taken very good care of in all ramifications.
In fact, when Hon Eyo, a popular grassroots and homegrown politician announced his ambition to be the next senator and subsequently bought his intent to contest form, there was visible excitement because of the belief that if elected, the expected effective representation is going to impact on people in the nooks and crannies of the district.

The electorates are confident that he will ensure they are pampered with dividends of democracy. His consideration for disbursement of benefits will be without biased sentiments. It won’t be based on party, sectional, clannish or socio-political groupings. Most people believe strongly that because of his pedigree in terms of pragmatic and benevolent leadership style when elected what will accompany his victory will be so marvelous that it would have the impact that has never been heard of or seen in recent times in the zone.

People of the district have unwavering faith in him to render quality representation and embark on empowerment in his first term as a senator than what anyone else aspiring to represent in the same capacity can perform. And truly, there is no doubt that he is coming to rewrite the narratives about representation in astonishing ways, using the advantage of previous experience in the National Assembly as well as the sustained robust relationship over the years with top players in the present Legislature, who are currently power brokers in the national politics.

Considering his preference from every rational thinking angle one point must be noted that his sincere passion to serve selflessly and diligently is unequalled. With this added to his personal and leadership qualities he has more to contribute to reposition the district in order to up lift the people to higher level of satisfaction. Besides, by an objective assessment he has enriched capacity by past experience to deliver more quality legislative bills and motions than others so far in the race.

Given his advantages, the leading aspirant will re-enact the golden days of his past representation by his expected superlative performance from 2023. The electorate will witness with excitement as series of empowerment programmes are organized every now and then within the four years in office. Also, he will undoubtedly set a new benchmark in life changing legislative contributions for others to emulate after him.

Indeed, it is because of his capacity to positively change bad situations to positive results that observers say that electorates of the zone are so blessed with an exceptionally capable aspirant to choose from others.
Hon. Akan Eyo’s effective representation has been tested and he is noted for exemplary performance. The aspirant is someone who is trusted to deliver dividends of democracy to the satisfaction of people of his district. He will empower electorates aggressive and make sure that his impact reaches the grassrooots politicians who are most times starved of benefits after election victories.

He is a personality who has changed the face of politics before and will definitely do so again in remarkable ways better than the past. If not for his people-friendly disposition, audacity to dare challenges and humanistic nature, he would have taken the same selfish and self-centered route and abandon citizens while hoarding benefits to fill only his house in his first outing. But he never operated this way because he believes as an elected person every representative should be a servant-leader who holds his mandate in trust for the electorates.

In fact, even when it was in his tenure constituency projects were introduced, he never did a single contract. Rather, he recommended people from his constituency to take the contracts he could lobby for without any condition and not for enslavement as seen in some contestants. Most time for electricity projects he used his personal funds to do surveys in order to facilitate the processes to embark on community electrification. This was how he passionately approached issues of relating to welfare and wellbeing of his constituents in his first representation in 1999.

Due to his charitable lifestyle, positive leadership approach and capacity to shoulder challenges, this charismatic personality who has visionary foresight will chart a new course to advance human capacity building to develop positive potentials of youths. Of course, he will support business growth of his constituents and attract meaningful community development projects to the 10 local government areas within the four years in office. Giving excuses for under performance is not in his character because he is a result-oriented person.

His penchant for treating the collective interest of people as priority will take a new dimension because he is ready as usual to sacrifice his personal interest to see happiness written on the faces of others. It is why most marginalized people, especially the underprivileged see him as a political redeemer of some sort.

His empowerment programmes will be mind-blowing this time around given the fact that there is remarkable improvement in entitlements of lawmakers many times over than during his first outing in 1999. So, creating outstanding impact during his second coming is not unexpected because while in the House of Representatives his performance was awesome. Actually, his previous deeds have not faded from memories of people which is why they are not skeptical about how he would muster funds or link up with relevant agencies and positive minded persons to overcome challenges of empowerment.

Already discussions are centered on how electorates are to enjoy benefits from his representation. It is a concluded verdict that with him as the next senator, good times are sure to come even beyond their wildest dream. They are convinced because of of the fact that, hhe is a politician, ever ready to make people happy at all cost even to his personal detriment. It is why the news of his aspiration has set anxious electorates into frenzy mode ahead of the nomination.

Electorates from the district consider themselves fortunate to be blessed with the opportunity to choose an aspirant whose words are bonds of trust. Indeed, because of his past impressive political records and likable character of supporters and well wishers in the 10 local government areas are waiting to have another glorious era under him.

Hon Eyo’s sterling leadership qualities are acknowledged, and his capacity to render effective representation has been tested before so there is overwhelming agreement that he should be entrusted with the mandate to consolidate gains recorded so far by past representatives. This is one politician that has never sworn or sent anyone to or direct anyone to act by proxy on MBIAM (Oath) and had vowed he would never for continuance of political appointment cum wealth, power control or elective position.

At this critical moment delegates should choose him as expected of right thinkers. The collective interest of the senatorial district must be taken into consideration beyond gratifications by politicians to lure them to compromise and settle for aspirant of lesser comparative advantage.

Ben is a journalist and public commentator

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