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First lets clear some facts about the terminology. IS IT A CV OR A RESUME?

A CV (Curriculum Vitae) is a comprehensive document that contains information of our career development and education. In the USA, it is written only by researchers, educators or for academic purposes, which usually involves more detail career and educational history. But, the RESUME is your career summary in not more than 2 pages. However, some countries still use these words interchangeably. For example, the document required when applying for a job in North America is called a Resume, while in the UK and Asia it’s called a CV.

In Nigeria, we use this terms interchangeably, except for academic or governmental institution applications, which require full educational history that may exceed 2 pages, making it a CV and not a Resume.

With that clarity out of the way, lets look at how best to write a professional CV or Resume.

Your full name, phone number, email and location. This may seem obviously understood, but many applicants still fail to do it in the most prominent way. It’s expedient to note that your Resume should be 1 or 2 pages max. That means all non-relevant details should be kept out.

You may be wondering what these details are? They’re:

1) Objective statements: Objective statements are no longer relevant, at It alludes intent rather that prove of competence. In it place use a PROFESSONAL SUMMARY.

2) Bio-data: The question I would love you to answer is, does you LGA, Gender, Religion, etc prove your capacity to perform a task? Your answer is as good as mine. NO! These have no bearing to the job role and add no value in the corporate sector. They’re only required when political considerations are in view, but not as standard component of a professional resume.

3)References: You called your uncle, friend, and former boss and asked to use them as your referees. Meaning they should promote you when called by your prospects. Now. do you think recruiters don’t know that they are willing collaborators. Recruiters don’t need those references on your Resume. Contacting 1000s of referees before an interview is a time waster. Recruiters only verify those selected after the interview, and they usually perform undisclosed findings from companies or institutions you worked or schooled to attest of your integrity. If they need a guarantor, they would ask you for their names and contact. You don’t need to even write “references on request”.

4) Unnecessary labels: In your work experience section, don’t label any sub-sections before you write what it is. Example:Do not write Position: Admin Manager.  Just write,”Admin Manager”. Don’t label, Duties, Responsibilities, Accomplishments… Simply use 2 – 7 bullet points to describe your work experience in that company, which would focus on what you accomplished while working at the company.

Now that we have taken care of the irrelevant contents, let’s look at how to write a great PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY. This is your elevator pitch. A concise description of who you’re, what you have accomplished and the capacity you bring to the workplace if hired. See example below and fill in the blanks with your own information:

“An experienced[Job Title]with[# years]proven ability to[support, execute key aspect of the role]. A [describe key transferable skills and relationship to a pain point or job description responsibility].Efficient[transferable skills, project coordinator, team leader]. [Specific responsibilities]are completed with focus and emphasis on [list two or three other skills found in the job post].”

Use the format above; of cause vary to express your unique industry capacity. Practice adequately to develop your ability to uniquely present a professional summary of yourself. See adaptation below.

“An experienced Human ResourceManager with 15+ years proven ability to support and execute key aspect of Talent acquisition and management activities, along with devising personnel policies and procedures that drive organizational growth – A recruitment and employee retention expert, delivering cost savings and improving metrics. Efficient communicator, project coordinator,capacity developer, and team leader. Renown for delivering effective compensation and benefits strategy that result in unprecedented employee engagement and work delivery efficiency by over 200%”.

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