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From 2023, Akwa lbom North West Senatorial District otherwise called Ikot Ekpene Senatorial District is in for a new deal  in  development, political representation and individual progress of the electorates. 
Enter, Hon Akaninyene Eyo, former member of the House of Representatives for Abak/Etim Ekpo/Ika Federal Constituency, a seasoned politician, accommodating gentleman and dependable team player. Having been groomed, trained  and delivered in legislative processes and procedures in the Green Chambers between 1999 and 2003, he is the man to beat as senator for the district in 2023.People who seem to have lost hope and become disillusioned in the  politics of the district, have been reawaken by the good news that an experienced politician who is resourceful, intellectually smart, benevolent and a dependable personality is in the race to rekindle their hopes.Electorates are in estacy because they know that from his history, antecedent and pedigree as a young enterprising politician whose achievements were impressive and has never been far from those at the grassrooots  till this moment in political life, they will enjoy benefits with him as the next senator. Indeed, people of the district will experience a totally new and productive leadership approach because he will usher in a unique system where merit is recognized and rewards larvishly dispensed to those deserving while the general public interest will not be compromised. 
The politician is someone who believes in practice of inclusiveness in politics as such will unite the 10 local government areas in the district to have a collective sense of belonging in terms of enjoying dividends of democracy from his office when elected.People are already looking forward to reaping benefits from his representation when he causes a turn around of fortunes that will give hope  of better days ahead. 
In fact, the aspirant has stirred up reassuring hope as he made it very clear that he is driven by divine inspiration to serve humanity once again in a higher position. And, he is passionate to render selfless and effective representation to touch citizens at the grassroots level who are particularly vulnerable to consequences of misrepresentation.His declaration has left no doubt that a new dawn is about to be ushered into politics of the district.
Hon. Eyo is coming to redefine the relationship between leadership and the led. His assurances to treat all in fair, just and equal manner, when elected, will be such that party affilliation or the sections individuals hail from would not  be a consideration. This approach is already creating excitement as people are anxious to vote for him to set a new template in leadership approach.
Of course, with him in position, there will be leadership accountability because he is coming with a responsible and productive mindset. Indeed, this is a politician who has not harboured political grudge, biased sentiments or nurses the usual use and dump mentality common amongst some self-accliamed political gurus. His approach to representation will not be based on these negative influences, rather on genuine motivation to set new record of exemplary perfomance. 
Unlike those who after sidelining electorates pursue aquisition of wealth as if it is a mark of measurement for effective representation, his achievements will be the number of people uplifted in different ways through his assistance and stewardship. He is a modest and contented person whose personal interest cannot override the collective interest of people as such he will not treat electorates  with disdain as some aspirants do. 
Instead of displaying retrogressive style of representation characterized by mundane quest for material gains and exhibition of crass display of power drunkenness, his leadership approach will be people-centered and enriched with positive legislative contributions in the National Assembly. His past representation is a testimony to the capacity he has to defend the interest of the senatorial district and indeed the  state at large.  
Recall one of his prominent roles in assisting to make the fight for “Resource Control” during Obong Victor Attah’s regime favourable to the state. While he was the representative of Abak Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives, his prompt intervention caused the House resolution to be forwarded to the Chief Tony Anenih’s political solution committee  and that is one of the reasons that led to the withdrawal of the case from the Supreme Court  by the Federal Government. 
Hon. Eyo recalled how he used a legislative proposal which could have frustrated the agitation for resource control by the state. He promptly phoned the then governor, His Excellency,  Obong Victor Attah that afternoon and he forwarded a petition through, Barr Effiong Bob,  the then attorney-grneral, to him before 8am the following morning to present to the then Speaker, Hon Umar Ghali Naaba at the Parliament because he had already notified him of the petition. 
The governor,  he said, responded appropriately as surprisingly Barr Effiong Bob flew into Abuja from Port Harcourt and was at the National Assembly before the commencement of deliberations that morning to give him the petition for presentation.
His action was so critical at that point and the prompt response by the governor was very commendable. It shows that when there is needed synergy between executive and responsive a legislatve representative there is always positive results to advance the state. Hon. Eyo is not a noncaring, self-seeking and nonchalant politician who treats issue with levity. He is a very remarkable and dependable politician with foresight who has proven to be proactive and endowed with leadership capacity to be entrusted with the mandate to represent the district as the next senator.
His tenure would not be like those with insatiable quest for self-aggrandisement or craze for wealth to satisfy their selfish interest. Hon. Eyo is rather coming as he did before to render selfless service, especially with added experience that has enhanced his capacity. Truly, what people of the district need earnestly is a representative who has  been tested and has proven to have what it takes to confront problems and proffer solutions beyond mere campaign promises. The Senate is not a place to learn legislative representation. It is the highest Parliament which requires capacity to consolidate gains recorded at the lower level. So, a fresher cannot do better than an experienced lawmaker in the National Assembly politics.
Considering all the required qualities to represent effectively, based on noted facts, the only person who has the magic wane amongst those contesting to be the next senator who can change the narratives is definitely no other person than Hon. Eyo, a homegrown politician with legislatve experience as added advantage over other aspirants. With him on saddle, his representation will have positive impact on citizens beyond expectations as his main focus will be to empower people as well as make excellent life changing bills to transform lves.
Because of the advantages of Hon. Eyo he is undoubtedly the best option for electorates to choose. It is he, who will be able and willing to give them effective representation in 2023 and beyond.
Imo Ben is a media professional.

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