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The Media Directorate of the All Progressive Congress (APC) has dared the administration of Governor Udom Emmanuel, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) saying for every falsehood peddle against its governorship candidate , Obong Umana Umana, and the party, it will give the present government in Akwa Ibom State double
“The context of APC Press Statement was preempted on an earlier propaganda written by Udom’s Media Aide and published on Global Pilot Newspaper, that the DSS have arrested Umana’s sponsored blackmailer, all in an attempt to tarnish Umana Okon Umana’s image. We have attach a photo used by Udom’s Aide here and a photo of Umana at the tribunal with the purported fat guy assumed by Udom’s Aide to be the person in question,” the statement stressed.
“Must Udom Emmanuel set aside the issue of governance staring at him to now engage in laundering Umana’s image. Can’t we see from those photos that the said story was pure falsehood? See the fat guy in white in row 3 and compare to the posted picture by Udom’s aide on the said story.”
“Does Udom and PDP expect Umana and the APC to be silent while they launders their image?If Udom does not want distraction, he should concentrate on governance and leave Umana/APC alone, else, for every action, they should expect a double reaction and even more from us. Udom should face the task of governance now and stop peddling falsehood. What is his fear and why is PDP so afraid of Umana? A stitch in time saves nine,” the statement ended.

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