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Immediate past Speaker of Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly and member representing Etinan Federal Constituency in the National Assembly, Mr. Sam Ikon, has stated that the wellbeing of his constituents were of utmost paramount to him than the politics of 2019.
Speaking with some news men over the weekend in Uyo, the federal lawmaker said “Usually, I am one person that believes in the divine order. I don’t on my own begin to project. My prayers everyday is lord let your will be done.”

In his words: “It may be your desire to go the House of Representatives, and it may be the will of God for you to serve in another capacity. And he might tell you this in various ways. But God being God, he may do everything to stop you from your own will because of his mercy and grace. And then he redirects you to where he wants; and may be much later you wake up to the reality of it.”

“So, for me it’s an open situation where whatever is his will is acceptable to me. So for me it is about his will. That is why o advice any politician; forget about connections, forget about contact and forget about those who boast about being in the ‘system’ and all of those things. You hear the bible says the battle is not for the swift. So, that’s it. I have no intentions or aspiration beyond the responsibilities I have chosen. People have talked about second term. I laugh because for me it is the job today that determines what next. If it is the will of the wish of the people that I have discharged my responsibility well, and when I talk about the will of the people, I am talking about the people who are worst affected, not a clique that think they should take decision.”
“But if it is the wish of the masses that you have tried in your best effort to add value to their lives and they desired that you continue, and if it aligns with the will of God, then you are sure for it. But it is not you to try to impose your own design on the people. Or a clique who feels they know how to talk; they know how to blackmail; they know how to run things about. When I was looking for a second term in the State House of Assembly, I could recall what happened and I also know what happened when I was vying to represent my people in the House of Representative. But their efforts never worked and will never work.”
The lawmaker, who unveiled his score card in the federal assembly, said he has so far sponsored several empowerment packages for his constituents and hinted that he will soon engage his people in another round of empowerment programme.


He told newsmen that over 100 members of Etinan federal constituency have been trained in various vocations in partnership with Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC), saying “I have been able to bring one of the Knowledge centres to our constituency.”

Ikon also listed that through the NDDC, he has listed some road projects in his Federal Constituency for construction.
The roads he said were undergoing construction. “I inspected one of them recently. Some of our constituents have benefitted from starter packs from me in conjunction with National Directorate for Employment, NDE.”

The lawmaker disclosed that several members of the constituency have benefitted from employment at the federal service, adding that many more have benefitted from scholarship opportunities under his representation.

He vowed to use his office for the advancement of the wellbeing of his people.

The lawmaker, however, frowned at the attitudes of some beneficiaries of his recent empowerment programme, which he said turned around and sold the equipments he handed to them for their economic enhancement.

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