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The Saraki Support Group has commended the nation’s electoral umpire, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) for setting the records straight that they have the capacity and capability to conduct elections with electronic transmission of results and has therefore called on the National Assembly to re-address the matter in the light of this affirmation by INEC.

In a statement released by the National Spokesperson of the group, Mr. Ed-Malik Abdul, they said any patriotic Nigerian will be concerned about elections integrity and how to improve the process to deliver election results that would be less contentious which is why transmission of election results electronically will boost the credibility of our elections through real-time dissemination of results.

The Statement further said, that “Dr. Saraki, as Senate President canvassed the enthronement of open and transparent strategies by INEC by actively supporting the introduction of voting technology like the card readers starting from the 2015 elections. That technology significantly impacted on the voting process by introducing biometric confirmation of potential voters.”
According to the Saraki Support Group Spokesman, “a few days ago, the whole world watched our current Senate debate and subsequently took active in-person voice votes to determine whether the INEC can transmit election results electronically. Much to the chagrin of politicians and many Nigerians, the Senate seemingly and deliberately botched Nigeria’s democratic date with destiny by leaving the definition of electronic transmission to a vague interpretation saying INEC ‘may’ transmit instead of a definitive statement, claiming that INEC do not have the capacity. But in a swift response, INEC in a public statement affirmed their capacity to transmit election results electronically.”


“It is in this regards that the Saraki Support Group is calling on the National Assembly to re-address the matter since the umpire is capable and give the legislation the proper wording to enable INEC’s affirmation have the full backing of the law. Like all modern countries, we must take our democratic process of voting seriously by injecting more reforms that will significantly reduce cases of alleged rigging, stealing and voter fraud in any wise. Ultimately, if the INEC goes ahead to transmit election results electronically, it will not only boost their image but will also be the game-changer in our democratic advancement including eradicating violence” the statement concluded.

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