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An online news coalition group, the Conference of Online Publishers, Akwa Ibom State Council, has raised alarm over the intimidation and threat to the life of it’s Chancellor, Mr. IFREKE Nseowo.

have received news of a failed plot by agents of government to arrest our Chancellor, Mr Ifreke Nseowo who is the Editor-In-Chief & Publisher of The Mail Newspaper.

The group, in a statement signed by it’s Secretary General, Mr. Nelson Nseabasi, said “We had received several complaints and threat to life of the multiple award winning journalist. The most recent being the arrest of a newspaper distributor, Mr. Chidi Ngadiubia, who was arrested on Friday, August 12, 2022, in place of Mr Nseowo. This actually confirms what may have been initially refered to as rumours.”

“It is our belief that there are civilized ways to handle whatever issue may be the cause of this wild goose chase and in a democratic dispensation, proper investigation and/or invitation would have served the purpose.”

“We want to by this release call on the aggrieved party who is after his life and freedom to follow due process in their move to seek redress if it is based on any news published by the revered journalist which they may feel uncomfortable with.”

“We call on the federal government and relevant authorities to look into the matter, as our over 100 members within Nigeria and others in the diaspora will not take it likely if anything untoward happens to our Chancellor, his dear wife and/or children.”

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