Gov Ayade has displayed ingratitude by dumping PDP for APC – Ex-Publicity Secretary, Bisong


A former Publicity Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Hon Joe Bisong, has said that Governor Ben Ayade of Cross River State is an ingrate following his defecting to the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Speaking with DAILY POST via phone, Bisong said, “The governor (Ayade) is an adult, a politician and he has done the needful.

“A man must belong to a political party and if he has chosen to join another political party, it is his right to do so, the constitution allows him to do that.

“But my take as a person is that he has created a vacuum within the political party that elected him and if I have to say it, it’s a sign of ingratitude,” the PDP chieftain noted

“The party shielded him, he ran the first tenure, and what he is doing now is his second tenure. The same political party has showed him the green light to become the senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Hon Bisong observed that sadly, the man just got up one morning, less than two years to the end of his tenure, dumped the political party to a new one.

“It doesn’t show any political maturity. What the PDP needs to do is to get up, being the largest political party and will be able to meet up,” he advised.

Hon Bisong said that if he had the opportunity to meet Gov Ayade, he would tell him, ‘Your Excellency, you have taken a wrong decision, a wrong political decision.

“He is the governor of the State, his departure will create a lot of issues. The new party he is going must have given him some conditions and this will affect executive council decision.

“He was running a PDP ideology which is liberalism and today he is moving to APC which is a conservative political party. Their ideologies are not the same and it’s going to affect the state,” he noted.