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It was John Davison Rockefeller who posited that, good leadership consists of showing average people how to do the work of superior people.

The preferred Successor to Akwa Ibom State Governor in 2023, Pastor Umo Eno has been subjected to several attacks through coordinated and uncoordinated attacks.

No one throws a stone on an unproductive tree. The seeming noise coming from few persons supposedly opposed to his emergence will be nipped in the bud as the days come by.

It is a truism that no choice has ever been fair to everyone, but we won’t ignore their dissenting views, because those views help the Umo Eno’s brand to soar.

Those who seem to be registering their displeasures are only doing so because it is not their Aspirant that was chosen.

Umo Eno is not oblivious of opposition elements in the emergence of any Leader. What we see today, is a historic trend that can’t be wished away.

Some persons will still oppose the process for the emergence of another preferred candidate in 2031 no matter how transparent you initiate the process.

Those who are disparaging Umo Eno, that he is an “albino,” that such person cannot lead us, is unaware of the speech made by Martin Luther King Jr, that we should not be judged by the colour of our skin, but the content of our character.

In the coming days, weeks and months, till the day of nomination and emergence of Umo Eno as the PDP Guber candidate in Akwa Ibom and his subsequent election as Governor in 2023, the attacks will keep coming.

This is the burden of leadership that Umo Eno must carry. He is prepared to carry it, and rally support from Akwa Ibom people to key into his project to sustain the established legacies of the Udom Emmanuel’s administration.

Umo Eno has put himself up for service, he is mentally prepared for the task, and will carry the Akwa Ibom burden to revamp moribund sectors and put more smiles on the faces of our people.

We owe him support and the needed ambience to emerge and succeed beyond imaginations.

Expectations are high, and Umo Eno will carry those expectations with joy and bring fulfilment to the Akwa Ibom dreams which was laid by our forebears.

Say Umo Eno, Think Umo Eno 2023.

Eneh John is a Journalist and Communication Scholar and writes from Etebi Ikot Use Ekong, Eket, Akwa Ibom State.

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