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“Saraki is the best and most qualified politician to heal the nation at this time,” said a statement released by the National Spokesperson of the Saraki Support Group, (SSG), Mr. Ed Malik Abdul.

He explained that considering the myriads and multi-faceted challenges facing the nation now, the country needs a compassionate leader with the public service pedigree of the former Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki to engender and bring healing to the soul of the nation.

Mr. Ed Malik further said that Saraki, having risen to becoming President of the Senate in the course of his service to Nigeria, is well apprised of the challenges and inter-connect of the executive function, the law and truth-based justice. “As Senate leader, he evinced the capacity to connect with all levels of government and levers of power in a compelling, compassionate and credible manner and in this challenging time that the nation finds itself, we should go for a person most credible, most believable and most authentic and has the genuine interest of the people at heart” the statement said.

According to the SSG spokesperson, Saraki as Senate president, showed grace under fire and kept his emotions under control and faced the challenges as they came and coming out successful in every assignment.

The Statement espoused that it is these defining qualities of Saraki, his deep knowledge of the economy and more, are what he will bring to bear to redefine our nation with values that binds, values that provide solutions and values that promote national cohesion, adding that more than any leader of standing today, Senator Saraki firmly believes that our diversity as a people is what underpins our common heritage as a unified people; a belief amply exemplified by the easy way he endeared himself and related with all the people he is acquainted with not minding their gender, ethnicity, religion and social strata.

The spokesperson remarked that the Saraki Support Group is mobilizing and starting the enlightenment and political outreach programs early to enable Nigerians know more about the endearing qualities of Rt. Hon. Saraki and start gearing up for robust and agenda-driven leadership.

“We therefore invite all Nigerians to share in this vision of a Saraki presidency to make Nigeria great again”, the Statement concluded.

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