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Political Analysist calls on the church to unite in preparation for 2023 election in C’River

A political Analysist cum social commentator in Cross River State, Mr. Ukorebi Esien has called on Christian bodies in the state to rise up to its responsibilities by ensuring the church takes over the enthroning of political leaders in the state. TDN can authoritatively report.

Mr. Ukorebi made the call, Sunday via his social media handle while decrieing the deplorable state of affairs in the state. In an article titled “On the need to have a united Church in preparation for 2023 Elections”.
He said the state having passed through 40 years of two historical despensiation of 20 years each, is about to enter into the 3rd despensiation and the church needs to be proactive in order to take over this season because it’s only a leader from the Church – The Body of Christ who has genuine love and fear for God that will transform and not loot the state.

Ukorebi, wo is the publisher of The Daily News Nig emphasised that for the church to achieve this feat, there’s great need to come together as the body of Christ not in denominations but as a church, to sensitize their members on the need for them to be actively involved in politics so as to rescue the nation at large and the state in particular.

He also used the opportunity to call on citizens to be law abiding as well as dutifully carry out their constitutional obligations and continually pray for leaders.

Ukorebi’s statement reads in full:

Sundays are usually full of regious activities, ranging from going to church, and performing several activities all in the name of religion and serving God.

The usual greetings for such days are “Happy Sunday” “how was service?” “Hope you Prayed for me?” etc

All those religiousities is actually uncalled for if you cannot contribute to the development of humanity, if you cannot add value to those around you.

We all cry for a better society, but we refuse to make our immediate environment and family better. When last did you genuinely ask God to bless our governor and give him wisdom to lead this State aright?

Truth is in as much as we need better leaders, we also need responsible citizens who will live up to expectations. As business men we try evade tax payment and other financial obligations to the state claiming to be smart and sharp yet we want government to fix the pothole down our street.

If as citizens, we do our part, beginning from praying for our leaders, to responding to other citizens obligations as well ensuring we exercise our franchise during elections by coming out to cast our votes and not selling our votes, rather we decide to vote for the candidates of our choice. This state and nation will be a better place to live in, because we will install better leaders.

On the other hand, while we educate and sensitized ourselves on the need to actively participate in the process of electing our leaders, hoping for a better society, I believe with better leadership, our vision and dream of a better society will be fast tracked if we have good leaders in office.

A good leader is one with the fear and love of God in him. A man who loves and fears God will not grab lands in the name of projects, a man who loves God will not imprison you when you tell him the truth, a leader who fears and loves God will not steal state monies to build buinsinesses outside the country, a leader who loves God will not deceive his people with white elephant projects because he wants to steal money. Cleanliness they say is next to godliness, a godly governor will keep his state clean.

In 2023 as we seek a new governor as Cross Riverians, I will advise that having tried different categories of politicians beginning from the era of Clement Isong, Clement Ebri, Joseph Wayias and their likes, which lasted over 20 years, and we then moved to the next despensiation of The young Lagos boys led by Donald Duke, Liyel Imoke and Geshome Bassey, who transisted power to the Chief Merchant, the Digital enterprising Ayade, we need to try something else.

The last forty years of the state have seen leaders from various spheres of life ranging from the core politicians, to technocrats to business merchants etc ruling the state. They have all over the last 40 years or more contributed their quota to the growth, development and backwardness of the state. In my thinking, going forward we need to reinvent as a state, we need to look up to God for direction and leadership.

As the Donald Duke led 20 years era ends this 2019, I call on the CHURCH – The body of Christ to begin now, to go in search of that Messiah that will re-align Cross River State back to God’s end time agenda.

The Church needs to wake up, unite, build a formidable structure and produce for Cross River, a governor that will make the state a Paradise indeed. We need a man with the fear of God to develop Cross River State from the hills of Obanliku down to the shores of Bakassi.

I believe strongly that, that man can only come from the church. 2023 is pregnant and the church must no longer be at the receiving end, she must brace up and start negotiating for power at the tables of power brokers, the Church must be involved in politics. Let all those who have been anointed for governance at all straters brace up, pick up courage. Yes! Politics can be done with ethics and morality without selling your soul to the devil.

God will not do for man what man can do for himself. He sought for a man to send and I wonder who that man is? Who will make himself available even as the rest of us will queue behind. Because this is not about Apostolic, or Deeper Life neither is it about Redeem nor Catholics but its about thee Church of God. It’s about CAN, PFN Catholics, Othodox whatsoever faction or denomination we have all coming together as foot soldiers of Christ on earth to enthrone a king in Cross River State.

Ukorebi Esien
Writes from Calabar for The Daily News Nig.

He also a Visibility and Clarity Master who gives visibility to business and clarity to budding entrepreneurs.
He is popularly called The Oracle because as the voice of the Common man, he speaks truth to powers.
He can be reached on WhatsApp via 08161527978 and @UkorebiEsien on Facebook and Twitter


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