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A not-for-profit organization that is deliberately spearheading the drive for the enhancement of the economic opportunities of ordinary Nigerians, 1001+Voices Initiative for People Empowerment, has frowned at the porous security architecture in the Nigerian defence system.

The organization, in a statement signed by its Executive Secretary, Mr. Uwem-obong Ankak, on Friday, said “The general public’s reaction on the August 24th invasion of the elite military institution, Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) in Afaka, Kaduna State, by unknown gunmen (bandits)demonstrates how distressing being a Nigerian has turned, given the level of insecurity that bedevils the country in recent times. Of course, bandits are known to take advantage of the general security situation in the country to perpetrate their criminal activities; but the question is: What does it really take to have our armed forces flush out banditry in Nigeria?”

“Barely a month after a Nigerian Air Force fighter jet was shot down by bandits in Zamfara, the attack by unknown gunmen on the NDA, where senior officers were shamefully killed, wounded and abducted, bodes ill for the safety of other government institutions and facilities across the country. The humiliating attack calls to question, amongst other interrogation, the level of motivation that men and women of the armed forces in Nigeria enjoy.  What level of support are the military getting? Could it also be the result of the ineptitude on the part of the corrupt leadership?”

“Of a truth, the brutal annihilation of citizens throughout the length and breadth of Nigeria by violent criminals spells doom for the future of the country. Such wanton daily killings of Nigerians by bandits only show us to the international community as a people with weak and shoddy leadership. These attacks affect safety, the livelihood and the standard of living of the citizenry in no mean measure. It is very shameful that the attack on the NDA, with the huge dent on the professionalism of our military, would be forgotten in a short while like other deaths and attacks in Nigeria.”

“1001+ Voices Initiative deplores in strong terms any act of the military leadership or the Nigerian government in handling the inquiry into invasion of the NDA clandestinely or with kid’s gloves. We must have it in mind that the outside world would also be interested to know what went wrong that caused a well-ranked defence academy which also trains officers and cadets from other African militaries to be so humiliated by bandits, leaving in the wake the deaths of senior military officers.”

“The position of the Nobel laureate, Prof Wole Soyinka in a January 10, 2021 interview with Premium Times bears him out when he said the nation’s sovereignty has been taken over by armed groups. “Appointing wrong people into offices in Nigeria has been the bane of performance in public institutions,” he later asserted.”

The group concluded by saying, “So far, a lot has been voiced out by commentators and, indeed, the populace as the possible reason(s) for the security lapses that prompted this disgraceful attack. We add our voice to the unraveling of the unbelievable access of bandits into the complex of a foremost military institution in the country. Nigeria is ours to salvage!”

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