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By Eneh JOHN

Akwa Ibom’s son, Joe Udofia, represents different things to different persons and groups. The Ibiono Ibom born philanthropist is not a flamboyant individual, but has rather kept a low profile, operating from behind the scenes to get the job done.

He is the managing Director/CEO, Vandrezzer Energy Services Limited, Lagos, Nigeria. Joe Udofia has been in the forefront in promoting the use of Nigerian service companies in production operations, projects and well engineering. He has created job opportunities for Nigerians, irrespective of tribe and religion.

He has established Vandrezzer as an indigenous company, with fully developed construction capabilities, which is able to supply a wide range of services for the oil industry.

The story of Joe Udofia’s rise to fame, is one which should encourage starters and young minds, to be consistent and resolute about what they intend to make out of life.

From nothing, from borrowing, Udofia settled into the oil business and today, Vandrezzer is the testimony we see today.

He has been a partner with the United Nations development program, in creating skills acquisitions and jobs. Joe Udofia, according to statistics, has contributed immensely to the rebuilding of economies in some African countries, with partnership with Shell and their host countries.

Joe Udofia has graciously taken his philanthropic lifestyle into football management with the establishment of Vandrezzer football club, an industry he has so much passion for. He has invested millions of Naira in developing talents for Akwa Ibom, Nigeria, and the world at large.


The Joe Udofia’s annual football tournament in his native home, Use Abat, in Ibiono, has churned out football talents who now play for Vandrezzer FC in the Nigerian National League.

What many do not know is that, in few years, Vandrezzer FC and Joe Udofia will hit the world stage through football development. Not many persons know Joe Udofia to be the man behind the successes of Vandrezzer, because, he has not been on the spotlight with media razzmatazz, unlike others, who flaunt their wealth publicly, Joe is a silent achiever, whose successes speaks loudly than his person.

There are plans to establish a stadium in Ibiono Ibom by Joe Udofia, all, in a bid to encourage grassroot development and register Akwa Ibom on the world football map.

Recently, Joe Udofia in his bid to combat the Corona Virus, has donated materials to some local government councils in Akwa Ibom State, to help in the fight against the Covid 19 epidemic. He believes that every life matters, irrespective of political class or race. He has not politicized or brought media attention to it, but this gesture cannot be overlooked or go unnoticed.

We rise to honour a man, who has contributed and assisted humanity without noise. When the heroes of humanity will be counted, posterity will be fair to Joe Udofia, that at a time when men of goodwill were needed, he rose to be counted.

Today, Joe Udofia remains one of Akwa Ibom’s heroes, which we celebrate today, and tomorrow.

John, a Journalist, writes from Etebi Ikot Use Ekong, Eket, Akwa Ibom State.

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