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The Progressive Alliance of Nigeria (PAN), an independent political campaign organization, has launched its advocacy campaign for good governance ahead of the 2023 general elections with the theme “Your Voter’s Card, Your Power.”

The Southern Nigeria arm of the organization, led by the National Assistant Director General, Hon. Idong Isong, has called on Nigerians who have not gotten their voter’s card to do so as a matter of urgency to enable them fully participate in the forthcoming elections.

Speaking, Hon. Isong said “The voter’s card is the powerful deciding tool that every Nigerian of voting age will use to choose the kind of leaders needed. It is our passport to choosing proactive, vibrant, experienced grassroots politicians who are detribalized and patriotic and are capable of promoting the unity, prosperity and peace of Nigerians and the country. See and treat your voter’s card as your banner. We, members of the Progressive Alliance of Nigeria believe Nigerians can bring onboard in 2023 leader that will listen to the voice of his people, leaders that will restore the dignity of Nigerians.”

“PAN is advocating, use your voter’s card to bring in a Leader who will be able to run the affairs of the country seamlessly. So voting in, credible candidates who will proffer and guarantee quality representation and good governance must be paramount in our minds. We must feel challenged to take up the task of voting out corrupt politicians across parties lines during the fourth coming General Elections,” he explaining.

“We must remember to take few important things, and do them: Our votes count, every vote does count. Your voter’s card is your power. You hold the power. Your voter’s card is your ace, the ‘Joker.’ We must refuse and reject all kinds of tokenism. Tokenism always lures into bondage,” he added.

He said “The current insecurity being experienced in our country requires all hands to be on deck, as government alone may find it difficult to quell the menace. I call on the youths of Nigeria who own tomorrow to take decisive measures to check or minimize this threat to our nationhood. The youths must engage positively across the various spheres of economies, politics, socio-cultural and educational matters, and put in all their efforts to also foster peace. Let’s support the government to facilitate the smooth running of our country (Nigeria).”

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