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By Nsidibe Akpan

African Literacy leader, Ambassador Enwongo-Abasi Francis, has called for justice to the family of Emmanuel Paul Nude, a two-year-old boy who was brutally murdered by dogs at Global Growth Academy, Nteje, Oyi Local Government Area, Anambra State.

Amb. Francis who is the 2021 International Literacy Association (ILA) World Top 30 Under 30 Literacy Honoree made the call during a condolence visit to the bereaved family on Wednesday, September 22, 2021 in Nteje.

Describing the incidence as “saddening”, Amb. Francis condemned such brutality and urge the authorities to use the full weight of the law on the culprit(s) to avoid a repeat of such act.

“This is a saddening and pathetic development and I condemn it in totality. I would be monitoring the ongoing investigations by the law enforcement agencies handling the case and I look forward to seeing that the culprit is made to face the weight of legal implications of this negative happenstance”, he said.

Arriving at Nteje community, Amb. Francis met with the parents of the deceased, the Local Education Authority, and other stakeholders within the State to address the need for justice for the slain school pupil and further advised against reoccurrence.

An eyewitness narrated the sad incident that happened on September 18, with ten dogs belonging to Chinedu Oka, a UK returnee fondly called Chinedu Okaa London who is the proprietor of Global Growth Academy, Amokpo, Umuanunwa, Nteje, took the life of a prospective pupil and put the family and community in disarray.

The eyewitness told newsmen, “A parent took the child to the school for enrollment on Monday when the incident happened. The owner of the school rears dogs in the school premises, despite the community’s warning against it.

“While the parent of the child was perfecting the documentation and registration of the child, the child wandered off.

“On sighting the baby, the dogs rushed at him and dragged him into their pen where about 10 of them devoured the two-year-old boy without any school official on hand to rescue him.

“The Nteje community, where the incident happened, culturally prohibits rearing of dogs. It’s a taboo to rear dogs here. The UK returnee was warned, but he refused to adhere to the community’s instructions.”

A source said that, irked by the incident, the vigilante youths in the community have invaded the school compound and shot the dogs dead.

Amb. Francis had earlier stated that academic learning environment and institutions should be free from psychological threats that is capable of creating phobias towards learning among children and youngsters.

He noted that cruel animals as pets have unpredictable behavioral, social, nutritional, and psychological complexity while living with humans and children are more vulnerable even to contracting animal-borne diseases, as such should only live with animals of same species.

He further advised proprietors of schools and institutions who use their institutional environment for rearing vicious animals to discontinue while calling on education authorities in the African Nation to roll up their sleeves in the monitoring of activities of school operators and their facilities.

“Our Children and hope of the future cannot continue to dwell in academic facilities where cruel and dangerous animals are allowed access for whatever reason.

“The security of all pupils at all centres should be given priority. There are vulnerable children, disabled children and other categorized children in our schools and they all have their different potentials which will be of great consequential benefits and derivatives to the global society, and of course, this is one of the reasons their parents and guardians want them educated.

“This is saddening and pathetic, I condemn in totality this negative happenstance and I call on the government, Civil Liberties Organizations and other allied associations to arise against this ugly scenario and culprits should face the full weight of the legal implication of their acts.”

Meanwhile, the school has been reportedly deserted as parents hurriedly withdrew their children and wards on hearing about the tragic incident.

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