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The current security challenges facing the nation will be a thing of the past under a Saraki Presidency, according to a Press Statement by the National Spokesperson of the Saraki Support Group (SSG), Mr. Ed Malik Abdul.

According to the Spokesman, the deteriorating security situation which is affecting every region of the country requires bold and unbiased leadership to mitigate. He said, ‘while the security and intelligence community are doing their best, a different leadership quotient and content under a Saraki presidency would precipitate a new burst of morale which is precursory to reawakening the positive soul of our military to defend the country’.

According to the SSG statement the former Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki, like all well-meaning Nigerians is worried by the steady ascendancy of criminal activities as manifested by the daily reports of kidnappings, banditry, highway robbery, ethnic intolerance and even cyber crimes which can be significantly reduced by confronting the contextual issues that lead to these scenarios.

Continuing, the SSG spokesman said that, a little journey back to the tenure of Dr. Bukola Saraki as President of the Senate by analysts of contemporary politics would reveal that in the history of leadership of the senate, his was a level playing field for every region in Nigeria as comprised by the members of the Senate. There was no nothing like a major or minor tribe or religion or gender but all the senators were treated equally, no matter their geographical representation adding that Issues affecting the development of the country were debated and boldly contested by all without pointing fingers or threatening anyone because of where he hails from. “It is under such an atmosphere that people can make positive input or proffer solutions that are not rooted in hegemonic ethnic fixation” the statement said.

The statement concluded by saying that it is the duty of the Saraki Support Group to let Nigerians know that a Saraki Presidency will resolve the insecurity challenges on the basis of cause and effect, instead of resorting to primordial narrow and centrist ideas of selfish politicians and people.

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