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By Kufre Umoefon

When Rt. Hon Nsikak Ekong was announced winner of Ikot Ekpene Federal constituency seat in the just concluded 2019 elections; and when the election tribunal justifiably reaffirmed his victory, the entire constituency – driven by the echo of his philanthropic services to the people – was thrown into a wild jubilation not just because he was the people’s choice beyond party lines, but also because his victory was an assured signature for effective, selfless representation at the green chambers.

Ironically, the moon of his joy was half-full and was only noticed by his closest people until the court announced a rerun in Essien Udim LGA.  But one begins to wonder why a man with such decorated victory could still be noticed with strong feelings of dissatisfaction, yet suddenly became noticeably and overwhelmingly joyful when the court pronounced a rerun in Essien Udim!

Indeed, it was an interesting surprise to find out that Rt. Hon Nsikak Ekong was greatly pained by the violent-driven disenfranchisement and subsequent cancellation of elections in Essien Udim – which is demographically peopled by his people with unalloyed willingness to vote for him en mass. But upon the announcement of the rerun, his joy knows no bounds because, to him, he has been given a virgin opportunity to get a bumper harvest of votes from a local government he has always vowed to develop. Also, the time allotted for the 2019 campaigns did not afford him enough interactive time – as he always wishes, with the good people of Essien Udim – as he now has. His lost and misled flocks of supporters have now returned to their shepherd in one fold.

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Propelled by this rare opportunity, Rt. Hon. Nsikak Ekong has passionately opened a window of his heart to the people of Essien Udim with massive developmental strides within the few days he has before the rerun – a feat very scarce to behold: he has, among others graded several link roads in Esien Udim LGA and has empowered several people with life-transforming items both in cash and in kind.

It is imperative to note that the football tournament organized by this unity bridge, Rt. Hon Nsikak Ekong was strategically arranged to achieve two important things: to unite the entire youths in Essien Udim and to test-run the rerun. And he has successfully achieved his goal! The youths have come together and are more united than ever; symbolically, for Essien Udim to win the cup is an indication that the youths had won Essien Udim for Nsikak Ekong; and this is the ornament of the tournament.

To my brothers and sisters in Essien Udim, one with God is always the majority; this selfless leader in his wonted lifestyle of humility has handed over the pieces of the cancelled elections, which he had won convincingly to God! That is why his victory is incontestably assured because he drives his ambition with “ONLY GOD”. This mandate was divinely given to him as a trusted instrument to deliver democratic dividends to us as a people. It therefore would be folly not to be part of his victory. Don’t be attracted to distractions of detractors. All that is requested of you is to talk to family and friends to go out on Saturday January 25th and cast your votes for the man with divine mandate to liberate us, Rt. Hon. Otuekong Nsikak Ekong. Join us as we victoriously rejoice upon the announcement of our victory on Saturday, 25th January. God bless you all.

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