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The Saraki Support Group through its spokesperson, Mr. Ed Malik Abdul has stated that Dr. Saraki as President of Nigeria will only engage social media outlets in constructive ways to enhance the prosperity and progress of our teeming population and not needless reactionary ill-advised bans because of the bruised egos of some presidential advisers.

This was said in a press statement released in Abuja in reaction to the recent face off between the Presidency and Twitter leading to the suspension of Twitter in Nigeria by the federal government, an action which the Saraki Support group described as a distraction from the enormous issues facing the country.

The Saraki support group in the statement said as long as the sovereignty of Nigeria is not challenged, the positive impact of social media will be harnessed to increase the productivity that the young people of the nation currently enjoy using these platforms legally.

The statement further said that Nigeria needs a leader that understands modern technological trends to run the country and provide the enabling environment for technology companies to grow and thus turn Nigeria into a technological hub which a President Saraki will ensure.

Mr. Ed Malik Abdul noted that any democratic government should be glad to encourage a medium that allows for free speech such as Twitter which “helps a government get unfiltered feedback from the citizens, an instant feedback mechanism that Dr. Saraki understands” he concluded.

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