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By Kufre Umoefon.

It is unquestionably natural for every right-thinking head to be objectively  inquisitive of knowing the behind-the-scene reasons, good or bad, for exceptionally dazzling circumstances around him, as the actual outcome of his personally-conducted investigations and enquiries would, undoubtedly abet him draw a candid conclusion. Nsikak Ekong’s case is not different. Because spectacular achievements are usually preceded  by unspectacular preparations, there are several things he does differently and, often times; secretly that relatively makes success his inseparable companion in all his life’s endeavours as demonstrated in his overwhelming victory at the just concluded Ikot Ekpene constituency Federal house Elections.

It was an election where aliens and visitors to Akwa Ibom State, for the first time, erroneously drew conclusions that the entire state would be historically taken over by the opposition party because they had forcefully raped and impregnated the atmosphere with lies, deceit and threat for war. The designated and targeted centre for the delivery was Ikot Ekpene federal constituency – the flash point. In spite of all the huddles, Otuekong weathered the storm and successfully sailed to the shore stupendously because of the application of some strategic philosophical methodologies. These are not known to many until after digesting this piece.

Topmost in his strategies is that he puts God first in all his endeavors and believes that: with God, all things are possible (matt 19:20) He also knows that leaders are chosen by God who also owns the wisdom he bestows on them to lead. Very importantly, aligning his vision with Divine Mandate, with an unforgettably rewarding slogan…”Only God” was incontestably a divine security. Some of his fans link-up this to his name – Nsikak Abasi Innam; others attach it to his wide range of exposure and reading such as: Matt 6:33: “seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and every other thing shall be added unto you”; Capsules for Inspiration by Kufre Umoefon: “when you make God your mirror, you can never go out unkempt”. In the same vein, not many are aware that the greatest secrete of consistently guaranteed success is kindom investment. Nsikak Ekong is a powerful kingdom investor who has contributed immensely to the advancement and growth of God’s Kingdom by passionately empowering churches and workers in the vineyard of God. If he makes God his priority why won’t God make him his priority?


In the same vein, Otuekong Nsikak Ekong is a philanthropic extraordinaire. He has an ingrained and an inseparable penchant for generosity. Indeed, one of his formidable support groups, Otuekong Nsikak Ekong’s Grassroot Admirers and Supporters (one Gas) calls him Generosity General. He is a known powerful vehicle for empowerment that has positively touched and perceptibly transformed many lives beyond political, religious and geographical affiliations – hundreds of indigent students are trained under his scholarship scheme; more others in vocational and skills acquisition training centres; he created and gave jobs to thousands of youths; he thoroughly empowers the women and give steady support to the elderly, who also are beneficiaries of his health care scheme. In a nutshell, he has surrendered his shoulder to carry the burdens of the less privileged. Matt 25:40 “whatsoever you did to the least of your brother that, you did unto me”. How then would these sets of beneficiaries not stand behind him at elections?

Moreover, Nsikak Ekong had earned the peoples trust and endearment. If there was any politician that would have won without any campaign, it was Nsikak Ekong because of the legendary legacy he left during his two-terms as house member. He was the only candidate who was massively voted for by the opposition because of his selfless services to the people across board. Yet, as one who believes in hard-work and diligence as rudimentary ingredients to success, he briskly put in a lot of hardwork campaigning through all nooks and crannies of his constituency and beyond – not only for himself, but for the entire PDP’s family – punctuating the process with life changing empowerments. Since perspiration in preparation is inspiration in presentation, his victory was not unexpected to by political record keepers and analysts.


More so, as a naturally humble man, Otuekong is very sociable. He relates, mingles, wines and dines with everybody including the near-classless class of people in the society. To him, everybody was created for a purpose, and so, none is irrelevant. This uncommon symbiotic relationship has, over the years drawn him closer to the common people whose votes are usually massive in every elections. On the course of interactions, he knows and understands their needs; and in every capacity and opportunity he has, he meets them at the points of their needs – touching lives and delivering people-desiring projects.  That is why his achievements seem magical to many who are too proud to be humble. Why won’t he be victorious?

To say the least, Master is a promise keeper – unlike other politicians who betray the electorates after being voted into power – who shake their hands before election and shake their hearts after it – he has no verifiable record of betrayal to his supporters but keeps to all his campaign promises. He is a stunt believer of reward for service. That is why he starts his campaign talks with his wonted slogan: “if you scratch my back, I will scratch your back; if you do for me, I will do for you; if you do well for me, I will do well for you; if you vote for me, I will be there for you because everything in life is turn-by-turn”

As a born-to-lead and prepared-to-serve politician, Nsikak Ekong, is a visionary leader with the wisdom and potency of separating the goats from the sheep. This was what galvanized his membership in PDP, the party that shares common philosophical ideology with his people-friendly vision. As one who has a sound parental upbringing and tutelage on loyalty, his fidelity to the party and loyalty to the leaders has always been one of his key priorities, which has always been the strength behind his successes. Unlike other political prostitutes who jump from one party to the other, Nsikak Ekong is a “PDP-blooded” politician with unwavering affection for it.


Other qualities that are found in his DNA includes but not limited to being a goal-getter; incredibly innovative; diligent, focus, honest, easily accessible and accommodating; giving listening ears to the needs of his people; and not taking for granted their expedient pieces of advice and constructive criticisms.

With these attitudinally sound ethics; philosophically principled ideology; laudably methodical etiquette and exceptionally social demeanor – all driven by condensed and undiluted integrity – the unswerving triumph of this Uruk Uso-born-to-rule leader, Rt. hon Nsikak Ekong, Federal House member-elect, especially during the last elections is an indication that he has the right moves  and political knack and will to lead. It won’t be inappropriate to say, therefore, that he is divinely ‘mosesd’ to unfetter the people of Ikot Ekpene Federal Constituency from captivity to security milking the land (as always) with democratic dividends. Little wonder the jubilation of the people over his victory seem to have no end in sight knowing that when the righteous rules, the people rejoice. But so sad for the injury-time ‘Judases’ who betrayed him when he needed them most. Please, master, forgive them for they knew not what they were doing.

All in all, Hearty Congratulations to the anointed MASTER of the game and an emerging tiger in Akwa Ibom state political space


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