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By Kufre Umoefon

To many, the constant reverberation of accolades and praise of Rt. Hon Nsikak Ekong in the political space, even beyond party lines – occasioned by his promise-keeping trademark – remains a complex conundrum to decipher. It is, indeed not a reprehensible line of thought for those whose understanding is limited to the surface circumstances that surrounded his emergence as House of Representative member, representing the good people of Ikot Ekpene Federal Constituency.


Remarkably, it could be recalled that this divinely mandated representative of the aforementioned constituency in the Green Chamber, Rt. Hon Nsikak Ekong had one of the toughest political heat in the state at the just concluded 2019 Federal House elections but as a political maharishi, he put in so much resources into it and won the elections convincingly. Dissatisfied by his opponent, he was taken to the court, and he still emerged winner until appeal court nullified Essien Udim Elections and ordered a rerun which he patriotically stood in for, and as always, the taste of the outcome did not change as he won effortlessly.


It is noteworthy that within the litigation process, his salaries and allowances were withheld and before the arrival of the monstrous pandemic (Covid19) what should have been left for him could have been April salary. But in his branded magnanimity, he was one of the frontline advocates to compel all House of Representatives members to sacrifice their April salary to cushion the effect of the lockdown occasioned by Covid-19 on the masses he loves so dearly.



Logically, considering the cost of running an election of this class; the financial involvements in litigation; the demanding nature of a rerun, and for-the-sake-of-my-people offer of April salary, it was pertinent that nobody, not even his ardent supporters expected anything from him during this lockdown. But driven by the affection he has for his people which is in alignment with his philanthropic lifestyle, he surprised everybody by doling out palliatives in its diversity – bags of rice, cartons of indomie noodles, hand sanitizers to mention a few – to his constituency alongside cash transfers he discerningly made to hundreds of the most vulnerable individuals and households in his constituency. Expectedly, the joy of the beneficiaries knew no bounds.


It is imperative, however, to downrightly state here that Rt. Hon Nsikak Ekong arranged and presented all these palliatives without his presence as he was trapped down by the lockdown order of government in Abuja. Interestingly, as always, he repudiates to either blow his trumpet or look at the camera because he is a silent achiever. This is a leader on the topmost ladder of leadership. He refused to allow the burden of his genuine excuses outweigh his strength and tenacity of the passion and affection he has for his people.


Because spectacular achievement is often preceded by unspectacular preparation – as a promise-keeping politician whose breed is rare to find – Nsikak Ekong had long been ready to give dividends of democracy to his people with the speed of light if not for the emergence of this demonic Covid-19, as he has set to commence work at his undefiled ready-for-use constituency office. This can only be done by a 5-star leader like Nsikak Ekong with uncompromised love and feelings for humanity. He did not only do this because philanthropy is in his DNA; or because of the unending accolades and endearment he has from the people; or because of the words of great writers like Lailah Gifty Akita “The more you give, the more you have much to keep giving.” ; but also because it is a divine injunction.



Master, I join the host of your well wishers and supporters to say that: our hands would not be enough to clap for your magnanimity and benevolence to humanity so we clap with our souls, as we pray for God’s wisdom and shield of protection over your life everywhere you are. We are assured and satisfied with your representation. God bless you, sir.

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