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… Says They Didn’t Want His Return But He Bribed His Way Through

By Akaninyene Oton

Following the recently inaugurated caretaker committees for local government areas and the return of Mr Otobong Edemidiong to lead the Nsit Ubium committee, the chairman has boasted of how he single handedly struggled for his return, as stakeholders in his local government area were all against his return.
A reliable source who is a very close friend to the chairman disclosed this to our correspondent in confidence saying that the chairman told him that there was a serious fight against his return which almost succeeded, but for the little connection he has within the corridors of power which he explored maximally, and which cost him a huge sum of money.
The source said Mr Edemidiong seriously blasted Nsit Ubium stakeholders, describing them as “ungrateful beasts” who betrayed him despite his efforts to please them. According to the source, Edemidiong was boasting of how he has been paying tuition fees for about 50 indigenes who are all children of different political holders in the area.
The chairman according to the source said that in addition to that, the chairman also told him how he bought cars for various youths, gave them capital for businesses and even encouraged some hopeless youths to go back to school, some of who are still under his sponsorship.
He said he particularly bought a brand new car for the current party chairman and even sponsored his cousin who was almost dying of an ailment abroad for treatment.
The source also quoted Edemidiong in his blasting words on Senator Effiong Bob, saying that the senator disappointed him the most.
According to him, the chairman was full of regrets that despite all his efforts of loyalty to Bob, he could not move to save him when he needed him much.
The source quoted Edemidiong as saying, “even Effiong Bob that I have been so loyal to could not help me. I have done everything for him, served him, and was almost like a servant to him, but I was surprised at his indifferent reaction when the people rose against me. Even the speaker could not even speak in my favour. I suspect he and Bob were on the same page. They were all submitting to the wishes of the people against me.”
According to the source, it was through some very powerful persons he knew in the state through one Barr Victor Bob, younger brother to Senator Bob that he was able to succeed.
According to him, he really needed to remain in office until the time for local government elections, as he could not have afforded to contest out of power.
The source further hinted that since he is still interested in contesting for substantive chairmanship, he will still keep calm and pretend nothing happened till he gets what he wants.
“I feel like starting a serious fight against these so called stameholders in my place. They are all betrayers and ingrates. If they could all betray me despite all I’ve done for them, then they are not worthy of any trust,” the source quoted the chairman.

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