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The recent public awareness video to educate eligible Nigerians on the voters’ registration process by the former Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki, has been roundly applauded nationally as a patriotic contribution to the democratic transformation of Nigeria and youth development.
This was contained a press release by the national spokesperson of the Saraki Support Group, Mr. Ed Malik Abdul.

According to the Statement, the demographic importance of the young people to all issues of contextual relevance to the development of the country cannot be over emphasized, hence, the imperative and clarion call to youths and all eligible voters in Nigeria to be involved in shaping their destiny and deepening democracy in Nigeria.

According the Saraki Support Group Spokesperson, the voters registration awareness video which has since become a viral toast, is an audio-visual content by Dr. Saraki himself to capture the very essence of his never-ending conversations and engagement with young Nigerians. The video itself defined his guiding principle to constantly listen to the young people in order to articulate their expectations and challenges within the open door of self actualization offered within the democratic system of governance. Importantly, it showed that the former Senate President understands that masses of people are the true repository of power in democracy.

“As anyone can see, the video is very short, apt and expressive; giving a figurative estimate of the registered and active voters in the last national election of year 2019. According to the former Senate President, Dr. Saraki, in 2019, about 84 million voters were registered and of that number, about 51 percent were below 35 years, which succinctly place them in the youth demography. But on Election Day, about 29 million came out to vote which in actual terms mean that about 30 million registered young voters did not lend their voice to the democratic direction of the country. The implication of this statistical analysis is that the youths clearly have the power to decide the future of Nigeria with their votes. And the only way to ensure that this power is appropriated by the young people is by registering to vote and casting their vote during elections. The process of registration as a voter is what Dr. Saraki has aptly captured in the step-by-step guide which has, no doubt, helped to boost INEC’ voters’ registration awareness campaign efforts” Mr. Ed Malik Abdul surmised.

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