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Special Adviser to Governor Udom Emmanuel on Political and Legislative Affairs, Barrister Ekong Sampson, has described the recent sponsored media attack on him,”Ekong Sampson is Behind Media Attacks on Former Deputy Governor – Concerned Mkpat Enin People’s Forum Alleges,” as pure and inelegant fantasy of a man who lost the recent PDP Chairmanship election in Mkpat Enin.
In his word, “My attention has been drawn to a front page headline in The Radar newspaper of Monday, November 27 – Sunday, December 3, 2017 – _Ekong Sampson is Behind Media Attacks on Former Deputy Governor – Concerned Mkpat Enin People’s Forum_ Alleges.”

“Ordinarily, I do not respond to contrived garbage. The headline and the back page advertorial as they relate to me are such inelegant fiction. Nobody knows about such “Concerned Mkpat Enin People’s Forum” in Mkpat Enin. I have no reason to “sponsor media attacks” on someone I hold resolutely as a prized asset, to the envy of many – including, paradoxically, a small coterie of emergency goodwill ambassadors at our home front. Besides, I do not do proxy fight.”

“We have maintained a family relationship spanning close to forty years and nothing, I repeat, nothing from me can spoil that bond. The media constructs, like the earlier ones, are actually the weird fantasies of an aspirant who lost the recent PDP chairmanship primary election in Mkpat Enin. He has played into the hands of some elements who, through the years, blackmailed and attacked the esteemed Noble Lady Valerie Ebe ceaselessly while I defended her,” he stressed.

“The young man simply believes that Ekong Sampson should have rigged him into power, against the popular tide, instead of reflecting soberly on why he performed so miserably in an election reasonably adjudged as credible. While other Mkpat Enin PDP chairmanship aspirants, who performed even better at the primary election, have since accepted the outcome of the election, the young man has continued to use all manner of desperate tactics, including sponsored publications, to attack Ekong Sampson and the PDP. Unfortunately, in the circumstance, I owe him no apologies. I did not attain this height in Mkpat Enin politics by rigging elections for opportunists and fair-weather upstarts, but through hard work, sacrifice and a principled commitment to justice and the larger opinion. These are values that make sense to me, not the sponsored exertions of a failed chairmanship aspirant and some hypocrites looking for undeserved attention,” he concluded.

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